Free Star Trek themed Toon Boom Animate Files to Play With…

Free ToonBoom Animate Source files

Who wants some free source files to play with? Everyone RIGHT! Click the image above or here to download a zip of some vector art in Toon Boom Animate.  

There’s a weird back story to this vector art. I illustrated these Star Trek characters way back in 2000 or so, for a website I wanted to make called . A combo of “chat” and “Shatner”. The idea was that anyone who visited the site would just get assigned a character and chat. The programming was WAY beyond me at the time though, but I did have a somewhat working version using ASP. Which I didn’t really know then, and definitely don’t know now. I believe I just modified some source code from’s old Flash chat...yep, here it is. Notice the last update date on that. Anyway, the site only half worked. You could chat with maybe one or two other people before other avatar’s words started popping up in your text bubbles. But the one good thing to come out of this… vector art I’ve hung onto for almost 10 years!! So here it is again. From Flash into Toon Boom Animate.

So why the return today of these classic drawings of the classic cast. Well I woke up at 4am this morning with an awful feeling that I’d already forget everything I taught in my tutorial on character rigging in Animate (linked here if you want to check it out).  So I wanted to refresh my own memory and setup an IK chain with one of these characters. If you download the source files, Sulu is setup. The rest are just raw vector art.  Sulu could use some work too, but head and arms are chained to the bod, and the arms each have a joint, so its about as basic of a rig as it gets.  And I’ve said it before, but this program amazes me. Animators, get into it! 

Update:  I did all this working on my laptop which I’d forgotten to add my license code to Animate (my beast of desktop is where I usually work) , so I put all this together using Toon Boom’s free PLE (personal learning edition) of Animate, Point is, I don’t think you’ll have any problems opening the source files, but if you do, I’ll update these on Monday saved out from my non-PLE version back at the home base. My starship is currently on a mission. 

Update 2: I’m not that into Star Trek. I’ve probably seen only half (at most) of the original series. And very little of all the others. So don’t ask why I was making a Star Trek chat site. It was a different time. 

5 thoughts on “Free Star Trek themed Toon Boom Animate Files to Play With…

  1. Animate noob says:

    Hi there,

    These files don’t appear to work in the current version of Animate (7.6.0 – [4830]). It says the files are incompatible with this version.

    is there an update to this file?

  2. That was my fault, I was using the PLE version when I created that file, and you can’t open the PLE-made files in the real version. I’m a bit busy now to update the file and re-rig, but if you want you can download an .fla of the art and import them into Animate…

    There’s actually a ton of art in that zip. Do what you will with it.

  3. Nicholas Koo says:

    For some reason i can’t open the file becuase it can’t locate it on Animate Toon Boom 4

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