“The Simpsons already did it”… or wait. Did they?

So I’m a few days behind on my DVR, and just saw that last week’s Simpsons had a new HD-ified intro. Want proof? here it is. (don’t miss the “watch in high quality” toggle below the video) Looks to me like the animators had to start from scratch, not only just to widen it for HD, but there’s some minor changes. New characters, backdrops, even some CG. But the general premise is still there, a fly-through of Springfield into their home. So I think its safe to call this a redo of the old intro, not an entirely new one. Which seems familiar to me… “Futurama already did it!”  Here’s some comparison shots of the intro from the TV show, and the intro from one of their recent DVD’s (which are wider)  

Futurama intro in HDThe last pic I tried to overlay the two together, but the scrubber on the Mac dvd player doesn’t go frame by frame, so thats as close as I could get to the same shot. But you can definitely see they had to widen it. Considering all the CG in the intro, and that their original 3D files were probably 15 years old when they redid the intro, I’m wondering if it was a big pain to do this or if it took like 15 minutes to re-render wider. We might never know…. Although unless I’m totally making this up, I think one of the animation directors talked on the commentary about having to draw more on the sides of some of their old backdrops for the scene when Fry gets frozen. 

And I sure hope anyone cool enough to read this blog is also watching these Futurama movies. They are about to release the fourth DVD (and possibly last one unless Fox orders more), so go buy a copy, or 20 copies, to show your support.

3 thoughts on ““The Simpsons already did it”… or wait. Did they?

  1. ernie says:

    I didn’t know the fourth movie was out. That’s awesome. Futurama rocks!

    Also, I like the new Simpsons intro, though I am going to miss the old-school intro as well.

  2. The fourth Futurama DVD, “Into the Wild Green Yonder” comes out on February 24th. The third movie was by far the best so far. Can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for number 4.

    I have not heard how well the sales figures have been on the DVD’s so far but the second one, “The Beast with a Billion Backs” several top ten list in 2008. If sales were good enough Comedy Central &/or Fox may order another set.

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