Flash Catalyst: Prepare to have your mind-grapes squeezed!

Imagine creating Flash apps without doing a lick of coding. Crazy right. Imagine starting in Photoshop, then converting your layers directly into interactive elements like buttons. Unbelievable, you say.  Imagine, yours truly, teaching an application course without any coding. Oh how sweet. 

Here’s some words from the source… 

Adobe® Flash® Catalyst is a new professional interaction design tool for rapidly creating application interfaces and interactive content without coding. These can range from interactive Ads, product guides and design portfolios to user interfaces for applications. Flash Catalyst enables designers to start from static compositions created in Adobe Photoshop® CS4, Illustrator® CS4, or Adobe Fireworks® CS4 and convert the artwork into applications and interactive content. The designer does this by visually defining events, transitions and motion. Flash Catalyst can output a finished Flash SWF or AIR application that’s ready to publish on the web. In addition designers can provide the project file to developers who can use Adobe Flex® Builder™ to add additional functionality such as connection to back-end systems.

But thats nowhere near as exciting as watching someone play with it. Start with the Design Demo video here. http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flashcatalyst/  . 

Flash catalyst


4 thoughts on “Flash Catalyst: Prepare to have your mind-grapes squeezed!

  1. Mark Bubble says:

    Just wondering if you are going to post any tuts or opinions on the Beta version…


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