New! After Effects Dynamic Text Tutorial released!

After Effects instructor extraordinaire, Jeremy Hicks teaches his latest lesson (he also taught the Arrivals Board tutorial)  This time the theme is on broadcast quality title bumpers, made easy though, by using dynamic text in After Effects. Dynamic, meaning text that is stored in a .text file outside of the actual AE project files. Unlike dynamic text in a program like Flash that would bring it in at runtime, you do need to have After Effects open and ultimately render a movie to make use of it. But this trick is easy to setup and enables you to quickly create tons of title sequences.

So suppose Car Max hires you for a commercial, and needs the final shot to have local locations listed based on where the promo airs. Instead of creating tons of different project files or textually unique animations for each location,  you can edit and update your text file, re-render and you’re done. Also since you can use array variables in the text file, this works for multiple areas of text in the animation or for multiple shots of just one title. And of course you can apply tons of FX to the text and do whatever you normally would to make plain text look good. The idea behind this lesson was to show how a company like CNN might setup their bumper sequences because they are constantly having to update them for different news stories.

And as always, there’s a lot more to learn then just what the title says. Jeremy has tons of tips for anyone looking to break into the professional broadcast industry. 

Since this lesson was just released, it is currently discounted and paired up with another tutorial which I’ll blog about momentarily, but FOR NOW (at the time I’m writing this plus a couple months) you can visit the CartoonSmart Discounts page and get it for the cheap combo price. Here’s the discount page, and if you’re reading this in the distant future, here’s the  After Effects: Dynamic Text perma-link.

Finally if you don’t want to miss out on future discounts, you can sign up for our newsletter here or even better sign up for blog updates here. 

After Effects Dynamic Text tutorial


4 thoughts on “New! After Effects Dynamic Text Tutorial released!

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  2. Justin says:

    Yeah, I definitely need to do more SEO maintenance around the site. But last I read Google just ignores meta keywords. Google finds my stuff pretty fast though. For example, that After Effects page just went up the other day, and Google’s found it…

    And I don’t count on them parsing the .swf for text. Hopefully they will, but all the text in the Flash file I just paste into html. Its not invisible text though. If you were to turn off javascript and view the site, you’d see a lot of ugly text below my swfs.

  3. You are right that Google and Yahoo supposedly ignore meta keywords but professional SEO’s usually still use them because the SE’s still read them. The SE’s might use them more in the future. Years ago black hat seo’s stuffed keywords into tags and actually were rewarded for it before the SE’s caught on. But for sure it’s to your advantage to have a meta title and meta description and they should be similar to your on page title and words that are in the page text. Since you are on wordpress, you can also make your “stub” or filename match as well. All those things more or less being a match, Google says your page has “relevance”. The bottom line is you can rank on the first page on Google for lots and lots of keyword phrases and it will bring in leads and more sales. When you get more advanced… you can port your site over to a standalone with your buds at 1&1 or anywhere really. You have access to hundreds of additional plugins on a standalone WP site that you cannot use on sites. Cheers –

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