CartoonSmart’s First Photoshop Tutorial!

Photoshop Tutorial

YES! The site finally has a Photoshop lesson. But why right? I mean everyone already knows Photoshop, don’t they??  Well I thought I did. Or at least thought I was an intermediate level user. WRONG. I got schooled watching this tutorial. And over and over again. It was humbling seeing how little I really knew about a program I’ve been using for almost 15 years.

The lesson clocks in around 5 hours. Long I know, but its broken into 6 parts/themes. Here’s a rundown of the action…

Part 1: Introduction – And a large folder of source files / brushes used throughout the course

Part 2: Brush Techniques – Used in creating a rocky, grass scene

Part 3: More Brush Techniques – Used in a realistic wall/window project

Part 4: Surface Texture and Layer Effects – Used for plaster type effects or overhead landscapes

Part 5: Using the Pen Tool for Paths – To create things like realistic wires or curving text

Part 6: Seamless Tiling – For gaming surfaces or webpage backgrounds

And the tutorial is taught by Humberto Abreu, who came to me a while back asking whether I needed some illustration work done for the site. Obviously I puffed up and said “hey I can draw!”,  but after seeing his work and hearing about his background as a video game artist, I asked if he would want to do a demo lesson in Photoshop. He did, and it was great. I think he’s a very funny instructor, and thats always a plus for me.

UPDATE!!… you can see the first part of this course at….

On the horizon… we will have another Photoshop tutorial coming. Now that CartoonSmart has one, I need more!  The next will be a bit shorter and more project based. It will be taught by Chris Karling , who showed me the image below which he illustrated in Photoshop, and I was like “can you teach ME that!?”… so he is.

Upcoming Photoshop tutorial project preview


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