Zoomify Brian Z’s workz!

Couple cool things today.  I’ve mentioned Brian Zaikowski  before on one of the past CartoonSmart blogs, he does some very detailed poster size work, well he returns again with another great one. You can check it out here. 

Demented Denizens

Also I noticed he’s using a Zoomify picture utility I hadn’t seen before, and it looks pretty snazzy for big images like this. Scroll down some on their main page and click on the $2 bill link. There’s some serious detail there. Also this utility looks to be free. 


2 thoughts on “Zoomify Brian Z’s workz!

  1. Jack says:

    Wait, what? You’re selling photoshop tutorials and you are unaware of stuff that has been included in photoshop since cs3? how… errr ….comforting….

  2. Justin says:

    Jack, Guess you didn’t read much of my write-up about why I’m not teaching the Photoshop lessons myself. I’m not a big Photoshop user. I teach most of the Flash lessons on the site. Anything else, don’t count on me personally to know as much about as the instructor. Thats why I hire teachers, and try to get my students the best instruction possible…. are you more comforted?

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