Awesome Animation at

One of my AE instructors just showed me this very, very cool animation at , and after doing some quick googling of approximately these terms,  “ wtf” , I see plenty results from mid last year, so I guess this isn’t that new of a site. But its new to me, so I’m sharing.

From the very little digging I’ve done about this animation, people just seem to be saying the same thing that it was a promotional piece for Creative Suite. So my question is, what program is it promoting?  Its obviously not done in Flash (the video is embedded in Flash Player of course). And I’ve read a bunch of comments saying there’s no way that was done entirely in After Effects. Any ideas, anyone? Comments puuuhllease.

Also, after you get done scrubbing through it. Scrub backwards. Pretty tricky how it fades away.

Adobe Cards

6 thoughts on “Awesome Animation at

  1. Juliano Pajaro says:

    I wish “somebody”, can show us, how to do the scrubbing through it. Scrub backwards.
    That will be a awesome tutorial.

  2. aristides castiglioni says:

    i don´t know you guys but i´m 99% sure that it was done with a 3d program, the way that it scrubs backward is very nice although i´m sure it´s done with two different videos.

  3. Juliano Pajaro says:

    I don’t care much about the animation, but anybody know how to make the “scrub backward”? Justin, you just talked about website. What about the Wanted Movie website? Can we accomplish the same result? Any idea how’ they made it?

  4. Dude..’ This is Beautiful………….’ i mean’ how smooth an animation could probably be…’ U gotta teach me somethin like this.. =) n hey you got any good trickz on 3d Website designin..’ i’ve been searchin stuff on it..’ din really find sumthin worth…’ u’ could help..?’

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