YouTube, you’re out. Vimeo, you’re in!

Since last weekend I’ve been trying to get all of CartoonSmart’s free & demo videos up on YouTube. First problemo is I can only upload 10 minutes chunks at a time. That’s YouTube’s cap these days for time, which isn’t too cool for the lengthy college-lecture-ish CartoonSmart vids, So I had to break up the first video into 6 parts. Which wasn’t fun because I tend to overthink things, and spent forever deciding the best places to end one video chunk and start another. That actually really frustrated me.

Second problem. Over about 15 hours of nightly uploading attempts, only one video successfully made it up. Granted I was uploading HD videos, so the pixel sizes were 1280 by 720, but the file sizes weren’t crazy. About 15-20MB per video. On my cable connection I get upload speeds around 100kbs-400kbs, so those videos should have been uploading fairly fast…. anyway, after a lot of timeouts AND after I found out the one video that did upload, wasn’t granted HD conversion status, I have officially given up on YouTube. And I was pretty surprised by them. Google bought them for over a billion dollars, and the one thing they do, they don’t seem to do that well. Also makes me wonder why they don’t offer a You Tube Pro feature for chumps like me willing to pay for priority uploading / HD-ness.

Long story over… is now my new hero for video sharing. Super fast HD uploads, post-processing is also very quick, I really dig the style of the site, and they’ve even got weird toys.  Now to speed things up I did pay for Vimeo Plus which is $59 a year, so I can upload more than one HD video per week. But even if I hadn’t paid, there wouldn’t have been a crazy video length cap like YouTube’s frustrating 10 minutes.

So without any further ado, here’s CartoonSmart’s offical home on Vimeo. You can see all the free lessons, and our demo lessons online now. Source files are usually linked up in the page descriptions.

CartoonSmart Vimeo page

Now the big question… Why am I uploading videos to them when I can just host ’em myself.  Displaying .mov’s or .flv’s on isn’t a problem, and if I forget how,  I’ve got a few tutorials on that (just have to suffer through hearing my own voice)

Here’s my thinking. I’d like to start doing more free lessons, but make them less of a big deal than the ones in the free tutorials section of the site. Those are really meant to be starter courses for new customers. So I don’t want to inundate that section with videos meant for more experienced users. And there’s the length issue. If I post up more freebies, I don’t want them to be as long as the pay courses, and it seems like a video sharing site like Vimeo is a better place for that.

Also I’ll probably be posting more and more demos, but I haven’t decided yet if the sales-room of CartoonSmart is the best place to let people test-drive cars all day. So Vimeo might be a secret stash of extra demos for loyal students more in-the-know, like anyone reading this blog.

And then obviously, Vimeo is sending me some new traffic just from within their site. Score. Free advertising.

Love to hear some comments. Or requests for demos of pay-tutorials to upload.


17 thoughts on “YouTube, you’re out. Vimeo, you’re in!

  1. Cool! Can’t wait for these advanced, but free, tutorials 😛

    Gonna pony up for the new Photoshop tuts later tonight!

    Love the new blog style btw!

    Are you gonna blog about Safari 4? I think it’s freakin sweet 😛

  2. Adam says:

    Excellent idea, It’s a lot more convenient than downloading the demos and free lessons (plus added publicity like you say). Shame about YouTube but they seem to have set it up for low quality amateur video only.

    As for requests for demos, I’d like to request a demo of the Photoshop texture/brush tutorial (and future Photoshop ones) if possible? Really like to take a look at that one before I buy.

    Anyway, good job, I’ve bookmarked the Vimeo site for the future.

  3. Tylor says:

    [Justin Quote](just have to suffer through hearing my own voice)[/ Justin Quote]

    Do you not like to hear your own voice? I always wondered if people who did lots of speaking (or video tutorials) ever got used to it.

  4. Yeah, I find it very annoying. Unless I boast the bass, like Howard Stern does. If you ever listen to his old stuff vs his new, there’s definitely some audio magic going on there. Age too though.

  5. Adam says:

    Excellent, thanks Justin. I just checked the Vimeo page and noticed it, very quick there.

    I too have been using Photoshop for a fair few years and was humbled with how much I learnt in the first 40 minutes. Definitely be picking that one up. Awesome tutorial.

  6. Hiya, Jason.

    I “think” that if you get a directors account, you can upload long videos. I’m lucky enough to be a partner ( I teach bass ), and can also upload long vids. Their partnership program is something worth going for, as you also get paid via adsense. I think your work would definatly be a contender for partnership.

    I have an issue with youtube and the PRS at the moment, so am looking for alternatives as well, so will check out that host you recommend.

    People had already been uploading your vids to youtube. I complained and was the one that mailed you about them. Glad to see they’ve gone now…Bit unfair for us guys that have been paying for your lessons for years..

    Keep up the good work, dude.

  7. Thanks, I’ve really been liking Vimeo. The only reason I’d go back to YouTube now would be (a) if it worked (b) for their traffic. But Vimeo has some good stumble upon traffic too. I’ll look into that director’s account though, I figured there had to be a way to upload vids longer than 10 minutes. Thats just crazy.

  8. Apologies for being (slightly) off topic.

    I was also looking at Vimeo for hosting some demo videos, and I read their terms of service very carefully. It’s not too clear, at least to me, if this (ie, mine and yours) kind of use (even using the Plus package) infringes their terms.

    They say that any ‘commercial’ use is forbidden, but then fail to define exactly what they mean by commercial. On the message boards they give a bit more color, but it’s still pretty unclear.

    Have you had problems with Vimeo’s TOS, or am I worrying too much about this?



  9. Yeah I contacted Vimeo just to be sure. They just said to be sure I wasn’t trying to sell anything via the videos or the description text below them. So crediting the site as uploading the files was fine, but explicitly saying “Buy videos at CartoonSmart…” would not have been fine. From what I understood, they don’t want informercials on there or videos that are only pitching some product. Like “watch this new Swiffer in action!”…. But in CartoonSmart’s case, our videos are obviously educational. Granted they are uploaded by a company that also sells similar training, but Vimeo users aren’t being asked to buy them. I guess its kinda like if a Harvard physics professor uploaded a lecture. Yeah it kinda promotes Harvard (not a free school) , but primarily its a free lecture on physics.

    You should email Blake about your usage just to be sure its okay. (his email is somewhere on one of their contact pages)

  10. Not all – though they’re completely unrelated to cartoons/animation.

    I’ve been working for several years on a system to deliver web applications ( I created a demo app which is a Twitter client and I wanted to post a video of it working.

    Since I always felt Vimeo has much better quality than youTube, I thought I’d try Vimeo first, and while I was trying to decipher their TOS I stumbled across your site.

    I’m very grateful for feedback,



  11. Yeah I guess if the app is for sale, then it becomes questionable. Its hard to teach software without kinda advocating having the software too. But Vimeo has hundreds or thousands of tutorial videos for software. They obviously don’t mind that tons of people are teaching Adobe products, and their software is a commercial item.

  12. No, that’s the point – the Twitter app is not for sale.

    The video just shows the system working. I have absolutely no intention of making any money from the app.

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