Safari 4 stole my idea…and that of a billion other people…

…because who hasn’t dreamed of a start page that wasn’t just one single URL. For the longest time I’ve had as my start page, not because I like visiting my own site, but because I like knowing its reachable (i.e. not busted) . If I wasn’t forced to go every time I open a new window, I could probably go quite a while without checking in on it. And I’m sure there’s quite few other people like me, that obligingly start-page their own sites.

Well Safari 4 has a built in solution for that. Yes there were plenty of non built in solutions before, like just having a start page that was a local file with bookmarks to your favs, but Safari 4 is much better than that, because it actually loads all these sites for you. So what you’re looking at in the image below isn’t just a thumbnail but an actual live preview of the site. Well, I should say somewhat live. Those stars indicate a change in the site, since the last time I loaded the sites into that grid. Which was maybe an hour or go (not days).

Safari 4

Yes, I go to THAT much. And yes, I'm 31 and still visit AICN regularly

To Bookmark (or Pin) a Top Site in Safari 4…

The big change everyone will probably want to make using Safari 4 out of the box, is keeping all or some of the same sites showing every time you open this preview grid, (at first these thumbs will just be your most visited sites).

So go to Edit (bottom left) then click the Pin icon next to each thumb of a site you want to keep in place. If you don’t see a site that you want to pin, then with the Edit option still toggled on, and a second browser window open of a site you want to add to the grid, you can drag the Favicon (that icon next to the URL) into the grid window.  There’s probably a simpler way, but this worked for me.

Oh and don’t forget Safari 4 is available for Windows too.


Safari 4 is still in Beta. After using it a few days, it seems to be working pretty well with one big exception. I mentioned earlier in this article (and just now) well those aren’t links because I mistakenly started this article in Safari 4. And for some reason everytime I try to make something a link here on WordPress, the link edit window opens, but thats as far as Safari 4 gets. It’ll freeze that window, but I can still open other windows. So its not the worst crash in the world, but I might lose a sentence or two from the article that wasn’t auto-saved… no doubt this problem will be fixed soon.


2 thoughts on “Safari 4 stole my idea…and that of a billion other people…

  1. Well, Opera has had a “speed dial” start page like this for a long time. And Google Chrome has had something similar as well. But so far I like Safari’s implementation the best, by far. I only wish it was hotkey-able like Opera’s.

    Also you can have more or less icons show up, which is a nice config option.

    Was happy to see 1Password release an update to support it very promptly.

  2. I havn’t really yet explored Safari4,, but the idea you say is already given by Opera browser, which I also use… but the interface and look of safari really is better looking..

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