Freelance Tips to chew on this weekend…

I’ve been signed up on Freelance’s newsletter for about a month now. They consistently have great articles, but so far this most recent has been the first I really want to point out to you all. Check it out… 6 Warning Signs of a Problem Client.

Along those same lines, Go Media (that same company that creates all that awesome vector art) posted this freelance article aptly titled Don’t Be a Whore ,  Its very funny.

Finally, here’s another excellent article, 10 Steps to the Perfect Portfolio Website .  Step #5 is something I’ve mentioned here before, definitely post a pic of yourself in there. People love to see who they might be working with. And don’t shroud it in mystery. Like you in the shadows with a baseball cap on or wearing a Darth Vadar mask. That defeats point.

The only thing I might disagree with, but only slightly, is #9, about using social networking websites.  Facebook or Myspace could be great for introducing yourself further to a client, but this might come back to bite you later on. Do you really want a client to see that at 10PM you updated your status to comment on how shocking the ending of 24 or Lost was, when they are anxiously awaiting work from you.

And this isn’t a freelance tip, but congrats to Rob over at Bitz Art for getting his first published illustration. Too bad Disney credited themselves as the illustrator. But kudos to Goofy for having a rain barrel.


3 thoughts on “Freelance Tips to chew on this weekend…

  1. Don’t forget that facebook updates all your friends when you upload anything, or post comments on other people’s profiles. Would suck to get caught posting comments when you are under a deadline.

  2. Conor says:

    Did the “10 steps to a perfect porfolio site” article get taken down? I bookmarked it last night and now can’t find it.

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