LogoInstant! LogoInstant! LogoInstant!

I just noticed my preview image for this site has their logo in their 3 times, but heck, they deserve it. This site is one of this little gems you’re lucky to stumble on. Its like an internet gold nugget in a river of rotten oysters.  Every day they post a new logo, and just GIVE YOU the Illustrator vector art or layered PSD that made it.  And they do this for free. No sign up either. You can just go nuts downloading. Squirreling away logos for winter. Check it out… Logoinstant.com

Free vector logos

I’ll shelf this in the Design Utilities / Helpers category of the site, so if you don’t bookmark this yourself, (which you’re regret it later when you can’t remember their URL) you can breeze back past here and find it.

Also since modifying other people’s logos doesn’t always get the job done, here’s a logo design lesson for Flash.


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