Flex Project Ideas…

Ever since watching our Flex tutorial from a couple months ago I’ve really been excited to do something major with the program. I’m sure as most of you know, tutorials are an awesome way to get started with a program. And if you’re fortunate to find a tutorial that teaches exactly what you need to do, then you’re really on easy street. My problem right now is that I have some foundation knowledge of Flex from that tutorial (which was taught by Brent Arnold by the way, not me)  but I have no project to really grind away at. And for me, to really learn a program I need to focus in on a big project that will have me ducking and dodging problems every step of the way. The harder the project, the better, because as frustrating as it can be, finding solutions to problems in the Help Docs or on forums is also a great way to learn. Not because its easy to find an answer, but because it requires really looking for information. Including the wrong info, which is often useful for later.

Anyway, I’m open to ideas! Right now, I’m thinking of making a chess app. Not because the internet needs another chess app, or because I can program some brilliant chess A.I. ( I don’t plan on it anyway)  but because a board-based game with piece rules seems challenging enough, plus getting that to work with some back-n-forth databasing for two players would also be a chore. I play at a site called RedHotPawn.com which does this type of correspondence play now, and thats basically what I’d be going for (i.e. not real-time play)

But does anyone want to trump that feeble idea for something better to do with Flex?


5 thoughts on “Flex Project Ideas…

  1. Adam says:

    I think the idea of doing a chess game is cool. Most of the flex apps that I’ve heard about and seen are pretty standard and a bit dull so I think board games would be a lot more fun.

    One that I thought might be a good challenge is a pool game, the maths is a headache (took me a while to get it working in Flash) but it’s great when it gets going.

    Good luck with whatever you decide on, look forward to seeing it. As an interesting side note, did you know that you could use Flex Builder to write the .as code files for Flash projects? Apparently it’s a much better environment to code in that the actions panel, not tried it myself but thought it was interesting.

  2. Eric says:

    How about something like Slingo with multiplayer capabilites that would report to a database.

    This way you could have multiple people playing and it keeps track of who wins each game….high scores and stuff. I was looking for a version of slingo that did that for personal use so that family members could get together online and play.

  3. Chris says:

    The above chess and pool applications sound pretty exciting but would love to see the full potential and power of flex exploited possibly on a full CMS eCommerce system, GPS locator app deployed through AIR, may be even an e-mail client (still learning Flex myself but managed to make a web browser using it albeit basic) as I know Flex has many services which Flash sadly lacks.

    Even creating a vector or paint or video editing application in Flex – use PV3D to create a basic 3D editing packages such as Blender or MAXON.

    So many powerful possibilities with Flex I think… but what ever you decide I know it will be worth the wait and purchase…

  4. Mano says:

    I do agree with chris ! a master class flex tutorial teaching how to make a ecommerce system with both client and server side along with searching and other options too.

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