Request for Confidentiality and Charging your Worth…

Confidentiality issues might not come up too often in your freelancing career, but when it does, you can do your best not to sound clueless about the issue. Read on at

Also here’s another fantastic article from them  about charging what you’re worth. Here’s my favorite part because this is a very realistic situation….

In my spare time, I work at a local coffee shop. I’m positive that I’m not the only freelancer in history to moonlight.

Here’s the thing: the coffee shop has been a source of numerous referrals and projects (not to mention the extra spending cash). I enjoy working at the coffee shop because it provides a break from working alone, a bit of social stimulation and outside inspiration. I don’t know about you, but my computer is not always the best companion!

On more than one occasion, I’ve had a customer ask why I’m working at the shop if I’m in business for myself. If you work a second job, do not get flustered or be embarrassed. Here’s what I normally say: “As a freelancer, it’s just me and my computer. I work here first, because I enjoy the conversation and being around people. I’ve gotten tons of connections from this place! Second, I find that I get inspired by all the stimulation. When I return to my work, I have a fresh perspective that helps me be creative.” Usually, people respond positively to this response.

As a freelancer, we’ll always come across people who want a bargain. When you can address common objections and questions confidently and professionally, you’ll scare away the tightwads and make room for the clients that will appreciate and pay what you’re worth.


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