Multiplane Toon Boom Animate test…

Toon Boom AnimateClick above to see how I spent my last night. I was playing around with using multi-plane’s in Toon Boom Animate , and it came out okay I think. It isn’t perfect yet, but for a quick test (quick being a relative term) it came out worthy of posting here. The table top is actually a PNG file thats already been distorted in Photoshop, so its not actually lying flat in Animate. Which accounts for some of the slight shifting with the flippers. Its tricky to match the fake perspective of the image with the actual z depth perspective of the flippers and pinball. Plus the camera is moving. Yep, Animate has a camera you can actually move (and keyframe) 

Expect a quick lesson on this soon. I learnt mahself a few things worth sharing.

UPDATE:  I’ve done two more tests. Another with Toon Boom Animate and one with Flash CS4. (< those link to more Vimeo movies)   You can read notes on each. The conclusion though… With Animate I got the look I was going for which was a camera following the ball as it went down the table. With Flash, I did what I could quickly because I’m more fluent with that program, and while the movie looks good, its not what I wanted because there’s no camera to animate over time.

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