How often does Flash CS4 crash for you?…

Okay I just got one of the more enjoyable emails I’ve received in a while. Why? Because a lot of F-bombs were dropped, and none of them were directed at me. This was from a long time customer/ student, or cussstudent would be an appropriate term for him. Anyway, this guy, lets call him Tom (because thats his real name anyway), just had Flash CS4 crash on him for the upteenth time today, and he just wanted to voice his frustration to someone, and that was me. Which I don’t mind, because hey, I didn’t have any part in creating Flash, so he’s not mad at me. And like I said, emails with F-bombs are funny as long as the F-plane dropping them is not flying over my house. Anyway, his main point was whether or not he’s alone in having these problems with Flash crashing a lot. So lets find out with a poll.And please, only Flash CS4 users vote on this…

Tom, I already know will be voting for the “every 4th or 5th time he publishes” option. And I hate to admit, but thats probably where I’m at too. BUT, let me explain. I have a bad habit (which should be a good habit) of hot-keying Save, then hot-keying publish immediately afterwards. And thats a great way to get Flash to crash. Fortunately, it always saves fine. But this was never a problem in Flash 8, and it was rarely a problem in Flash CS3. The price ya pay for more cool stuff in the program I guess. Every crash is just another chance to brew another cup of coffee. 

Alrighty, vote away if you have Flash CS4. Thanks!


30 thoughts on “How often does Flash CS4 crash for you?…

  1. I use the Trick or Script “Auto Save” panel and don’t worry about saving. Besides, I’m really getting into Animate and haven’t used flash much, except for making SWFs of my work that I can import into Animate.

  2. Hi Justin,

    my experience with Flash CS4 is sometimes very frustrating.
    Because there are times, when flashes crashes more than three or four times/hour. And on the other side I have times, were everything works normal.
    So I think it belongs to the specific fla.-file, the effects, included MC’s or perhaps AS-instructions who let flash crashing.
    I worked with files, who let flash crash after nearly every second test-publishing and the message “Thank you for your bug report” let me think the adobe-team just want’s to kidding me. But for a professional program with such a price it couldn’t be a joke. And when you have the comparison with Flash8, which was running realy stable, it’s annoying.
    There, I never had such crashing problems with FLA’s who have the same state of complexity as now in CS4.

    Best wishes (especially for the adobe team 😉

  3. Instead of making their applications better, Adobe has been piling crap features on top of a weak foundation for a decade now. Every iteration of every app they create becomes less and less stable. It has people like me looking for alternatives, and I am happy to say I have finally removed my dependency on Dreamweaver in favor of Espresso. Sad when a beta app is infinitely more stable than a more expensive production app.

  4. In my case the problem for flash crashing was that I have to many fonts installed. After I deleted some of them is working great, no more crashes.

  5. match says:

    Flash is a good software, ADOBE after the acquisition, I look forward to more. I thought that there would be a praise of the new era. Only the surface, everything will only allow users to more disappointment, FLASH CS4 is proof of that. The collapse of the normal job so that I can not. Bought CS3, and then bought CS4, so we all just want to work in previous versions. CS4’s a lot of questions. ADOBE hope that as soon as possible.
    CTEL + SHIFT + D shortcut key, will always make the collapse of FLASH CS4.
    Graphics components set up the skeleton, the property panel in the property set into a movie clip, so that after the property put into a layer of bone running example, testing export collapse will destroy it, to try a number of times, it will collapse the number of times destroyed.
    FLASH allow the use of the bones of the job change more slowly, sometimes moving about for a long time and so on. Wait for improvement. Do not now have, always will be sluggish because of death. Flash CS4 features the most imperfect, as are “FLASH BABY”.

  6. Jason says:

    I have CS4 not working for me at all anymore! I don’t know if a file is messed up or what the deal is.
    Just yesterday I was trying to create a simple ball paddle game with different colored balls slowly descending from the top of the stage to the bottom and when I went to make my Dynamic text box for a score counter Flash said I was dumb and decided to hide my option in my properties. So I was unable to give my text box a variable name. I then restarted the program and Flash would crash as soon as I would reopen that fla. file and in my properties menu doesn’t display when it is opened unless you scroll the mouse over the menu. Oh and my options in the property menu are still missing. So then I have reinstalled the program twice without any luck. CS4 just lets me know that there was an error with the installation and when I open the program, just like a drunk blind man behind the wheel it CRASHES! So all day today will be spent trying to fix this problem and I am going to be really pissed off if I have to reformat this computer. Oh yeah i do have CS3 installed on this same machine and it works just super.

  7. Benjibob says:

    God Damn it, it really f**ks me off, why on earth in all their infinite wisdom can Adobe not put in a auto save function, all the Corel progams i own have one , so jesus christ bananas why oh god why do they not lend a helping hand to the less sharper witted people in the human waste who keep forgetting to save…. Sorry spent an hour and a half working in flash cs4 and bang…. it crashed… F**k you flash, f**k you very much. See you tommorow as usual

    Thank christ’s holy undercrackers im not having as big a problem like Jason is above, my heart goes out to you bud, been there before.

  8. Hate Flash says:

    I hope, Microsoft finally will kick this buggy program in the ass. Or Adobe will never fix it. I experience these crashes for years! Now they got more frequent on win7

  9. Yeah, well you’re in the same boat as the Mac people now. Flash crashes constantly for us. If I hotkey Save, and then do anything after that too quickly (like just double click) I have a good chance of crashing.

    And I don’t think they’ve updated CS4 since it came out. Unless I’m forgetting doing so, but it does seem like enough people (at least on Twitter) are screaming for some performance changes.

  10. Andre says:

    I can’t believe how buggy Flash 10.0.2 is. It’s beta quality. In your poll, I voted “Daily”, but there are other bugs in the IDE which are a constant hassle.

  11. hi8 says:

    Crazy — Flash CS4 sometimes crashes on me more than once an hour, somedays only a few times a day. But why should I be happy when it crashes only a few times a day? I have taken to saving multiple iterations of the same file, even more than once an hour … i don’t have time to look for problems within my file which might be effectuating a ‘Bad Flash Day’. We are supposed to respond to Adobe with detailed reports on how the crashes are generated, but who is paying for this service? Adobe seems to be selling BETA software at full price.

  12. Dutch says:

    In addition to the rapid key crashes, Flash C$4 consistently crashes when opening certain .fla files – especially those with non-system fonts, basically any font that a regular graphic designer or anyone wanting their shit to look even a little bit interesting. If you import editable text that had anything other than a standard system font from an AI or PS file, light a candle.

  13. Ben says:

    I’m finally getting around to learning Flash and was actually working on something that looked kind of cool. Unfortunately, my frustration level keeps increasing with every crash. Not only is Flash CS4 crashing every 20 minutes, I’m having to reboot after each crash. I would encourage Adobe to get their stuff together or they’re going to start losing lots of loyal customers. Glad I got that off my chest!

  14. arthur says:

    every five ****** seconds I am so sick of it, I’ve wasted my entire night trying to render a 1 minute video for a client. I’m on a brand new imac with legit master suite

  15. It seems like I’m hearing from a lot of Mac people about Adobe’s stuff crashing. Are most of you that have posted comments on a Mac?

  16. Celeste says:

    I am so frustrated!!!

    I am trying to open a design I am working on and FREAKING flash keeps telling me it’s already open.. FYI>> IT’S NOT.

    I am so frustrated and angry with this program and the lack of the ability to fix the crashing..

    It’s to the point that I:

    a) can’t even open a file, and
    b) get a crash error everytime I publish.. whether it was saved or not!

    This is crap because I purchased a legit copy straight from adobe AND I have a design due on Friday..

    Kinda hard to show a client a product when it can’t even save a .swf, won’t load a .flv and keeps telling me it’s already open..

    I did a search and thought I’d come up with some answers on how to fix, instead I found a forum with people in the same boat and Adobe no where to be found..

    GRrr! Sorry and thanks for the forum but for crying out loud the first post to this forum is March, 2009.. It’s Dec 15th today!


    And I’m using CS4 design premium on xp with more than enough RAM. HD space and Video caps etc..

  17. Sounds as though just about everyone else is having more success with Flash CS4 than I am. EVERY time I try to create a new file it crashes. I’ve reinstalled and applied the latest updates with no success. I’m on a Mac running Snow Leopard.

  18. Kent N. says:

    As a graphic artist for over 25 years, I thought that it was time to expand into website designing.

    Well, after experiencing dozens…DOZENS & DOZENS of crashes with Flash CS4 on their Trial Version….



    Let’s stop wasting our time and with Flash and do something more profitable.

    Thanks for all who have posted their frustrations too.

  19. Ben Coker says:

    After months with almost no crashes at all (I think my computer was the blame for them really) Flash has now stopped making curved lines, and its really really F**KING anoying because I either have to have a horrid straight line at the top of an other wise perfect circle or have a completely miss shapen one, I have installed the update as well but had to uninstall because it crashed even more than pre update and the fact the document is anchored to the top right hand corner and I cant work with it at all… My neighbours are worried because all they can hear is loud expletives and manic screaming coming from next door… SORT IT OUT ADOBE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SORT IT OUT

  20. Andres Vaquero says:

    I have been having a LOT of crashing lately and found out that if I publish in debug mode it doesn’t crash.
    Hope you find this useful!

  21. Grissly says:

    Argh….I’m so with you there….whether I save first or just publish, or even test the scene or movie it says it exports to swf, runs through the motions for about 5 minutes and guess what NO SWF FILE. Then the program crashes, and I have to go into task manager to shut it down like you guys

    I even tried breaking non standard fonts apart so it’s just graphic in the frame…..I tried compacting….I tried restarting my computer…..It’s been hours and all I have is a small amount of work left and all I want to do WAS TEST THE BLOODY THING. It worked ok all week….then suddenly….it hates me…

    Meanwhile, whether I opt out of automatic updates or not, Adobe dials home for updates in the background without me knowing until massive files have been downloaded, eating up my bandwidth…

    Screw you Adobe!

    P.S Thx for making me not feel like a complete moron – it’s CS4 fault!

  22. Griss, first off, we all feel your pain. What a nightmare…. So have you tried copy all the frames from the main timeline and pasting them into a new document? I’d give that a shot and see what happens. Good luck!

  23. If Adobe CS4 was a car, a lot of people would be dead. I seriously don’t understand why they wouldn’t pull such a shitty product off the market.

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