Cool Website/Freelance Idea

This is very well designed site,  Very simple too.  I don’t read whatever language this is written in, but I’m assuming this is a fancy brochure for selling apartments in the building.  And I know real estate in the ‘burbs isn’t exactly booming here in the US, but apartment sales apparently aren’t being hit as hard.  So if you’re a freelance web developer, and you see one of these buildings popping up, consider going into their sales trailer and pitching a sale of your own. Cloning a website like this wouldn’t be that tough, and if you did a similar site for one apartment building, it wouldn’t be hard to template that out for future clients in the same industry. 

Click to Visite Erguvan Platin
Click to visit site.


3 thoughts on “Cool Website/Freelance Idea

  1. Dan says:

    Hi Justin, which of your lessons will enable one build a site like this? I’m thinking any of your website lessons + your after effects lesson. I maybe wrong.

  2. For that site, the After Effects lessons wouldn’t help. Those tutorials are for working with video, and that site is just all Flash. I’d recommend checking out this course… … for some basic animation techniques, like masking, filters, textures, etc. And then some basic Actionscript too… … I’ve got an upcoming course too for Flash & CMS, so that too could be really helpful too for letting the client edit the text themselves. Email me if you want a few other suggestions. Thanks

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