Flash and CMS course (taught by me) coming soon

Okay, I can’t help but preview this early. Tonight I’m recording the remainder of this lesson in the works, but I wanted to show it off now for those wondering what’s coming up. And to prove I actually still do lessons for the site (after 5 months I really can’t use the “but I have a newborn excuse”)   So this video on vimeo is just my intro to the lesson, and it describes what I think is cool about this particular Flash & CMS setup. I’m about to start work on a website for a friend of mine’s dad, and I’ll definitely be using this for him to update it once I’m finished. So if you have 4 minutes, watch the demo and see what you think. 

Flash CMS tutorial intro: click to watchOh and if you’re curious about the setup, it uses Actionscript 3, PHP, and MySQL.


13 thoughts on “Flash and CMS course (taught by me) coming soon

  1. flashpadawan says:

    Brilliant Justin! Can’t wait for the tutorial to be released. Hey have you thought about doing an SEO for Flash series?

  2. Yeah, definitely thought about it.

    Are you keeping a blog? If not, consider it. Any consistent, non-spammy writing on the same topics is great for search engine rankings.

  3. eddiedesigns says:

    wow…now what about images? can a client update images? or upload images? cannot wait to you release this. Keep up the good work for those of us that need this.

  4. Thanks, expect a newsletter Monday or Tuesday. This first course will just focus on giving the client the ability to edit text themselves. Handling images will be later.

  5. nice says:

    NIce! You are at it again. I’ll be looking forward to that. I just hope you come up with “the other flash series” Tuts on AIR, papervision and the like! thanks!

    More power!

  6. Pkan says:

    can’t wait to see how this works
    so is there a specific CMS behind this or you’re essentially building your own on PHP/MySQL?

  7. Julian says:

    Can you created a Flash-based BLog with this?
    If not, can you do a turoaul oncreating a Flash based BLOG

  8. Sure its possible. But I’d still recommend going with a site like WordPress or Blogger for doing a blog. Then if you wanted to feed it into Flash you could use the RSS feed and do something like what this lesson teaches… http://www.cartoonsmart.com/rss_reader.html

    This first Flash CMS tutorial really isn’t intended for archiving updates like a blog does. This setup would just replace the current text with new text.

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