Makin’ Flash Games = Straight Paid

Lets be serious and talk about today, because I want their url icon off my desktop already. I have a bad habit of dragging URL’s to my desktop if I think I might mention them here on the blog, and I’m in bad desktop mood this morning. It’s cluttered and must be purged. Like Lost-style, dumped in a mass grave.

 So what’s up with Mochi Ads?? They simply give you  code to run an ad before your users get to play the Flash game you’ve made. Like Adsense for Flash games. Obviously you need tons of traffic (like Adsense) to make any real money. But since many of you are Flash developers,  they’ve got some serious cash to give away VERY soon for making a decent Flash game. Like April 3 soon.

1rst place is $5000, 2nd is $3000, and 3rd is $2000. Plus another 5k prize from FreeSpin3D if your game uses their 3D in it Here’s the full details…  …so make it a productive weekend. Or not. I mean, who really needs 5000 bucks right? Seriously, this is a contest ANY of you could win. This isn’t like those HGTV dream home contests my mom enters, where she and every other housewife submit an entry a day, so there’s millions of entries.  There aren’t that many Flash developers out there. And only a small percentage of them have probably ever heard of this site. 

So go for it!

Flash Games

Nice homepage graphic, right

Psst. Also, there’s some Flash gaming tutorials here.


4 thoughts on “Makin’ Flash Games = Straight Paid

  1. I do the exact same thing… dragging urls to my desktop… then putting them in a folder… then forgetting about them… so strange this behavior… what’s a better solution???? I don’t want to bookmark and I don’t know why….

  2. Adam says:

    Cool, nice link. I tried using that FreeSpin 3D though and it seems pretty useless (although I admit, a few hours is not enough time to thoroughly test these things) but the rest of the competition sounds awesome.

    On a related side note, any more gaming tutorials coming up for me to purchase? 🙂 Also, you should think about putting some of the CSmart games up on some game portals like Kongregate or Newgrounds if you haven’t already, could be some nice extra traffic.

  3. Yep got a missile defense game coming out with the Flash & CMS lesson.

    And I think there’s some CartoonSmart games floating around on Newgrounds now. A lot of my games from the lessons are unfinished, because they’ll just have a couple levels and then I leave it up to the student to do the rest. So I know a few students have submitted more finished versions of the Mario-ish game. I guess the most fully finished game is the Battleship one, and if thats not on Newgrounds it should be. I’ll check.

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