Time spent.

Just got an email from a guy who’s wife isn’t convinced studying animation and making Flash games is the right thing for him to be learning. The words “waste of time” were used.  And that type of negativity is hard to argue against. Especially from family. Whether you disagree verbally about it or not, just continuing to do the thing this other person believe is a waste of time is now part of the argument, and can be perceived as a way of egging them on. So this guy might just want to keep learning now, but just by doing so he’s fueling her fire. As if training wasn’t hard enough, now he’s got to worry about whether its costing him time doing snoosnoo..


So his question to me was basically what are his prospects with animation or games, or Flash in general. Not an easy question for someone who can’t see the future. But I do no that when you stop trying, your prospects go to zero. Although I guess things worked out okay for Luke when he stopped his Jedi training.. course that was one whole movie later, and he was minus one hand by the end. 
Here’s my best Yoda-advice: Its always hard to start a project or begin training on something new. Its not just hard, its THE hardest step I think. Anytime I officially begin something new I create a folder on my desktop. Its like my way of putting a stake in the ground and saying “we’ll build it here”. And I’ve got probably twenty  oh-this-would-be-so-awesome projects rolling around in my head, but sadly I don’t have twenty project folders on my desktop. Because I haven’t even taken that first step on any of them. So to my emailer, don’t think of yourself alone in feeling that weight of not knowing what your time-spent will lead to. But if you’re interested in the project, and enjoying it, then there’s no downside really. Time isn’t like money. You can’t bank it, and accrue interest on it.  But if you spend it wisely, then you do have a chance of earning something back, with the prospects of a better job or freelance career or  maybe stumbling onto some new dot-com phenom. 
Okay all, have a good weekend. New lessons will be out next week fo’ shoo. 

11 thoughts on “Time spent.

  1. skarai says:

    She’s nagging because of money, not time.
    Do you know that movie with the Chocolate factory?
    His father was a dentist and he has this line in the movie.
    “Candy is a waste of time!”
    Each time someone goes on about something I always think of that. My sister for example, think it’s a waste of time when I sit at the computer. Spent last few years here, so I can see her point of things.
    But it’s still what I wanna do. Watch movies, listen to music.
    Learning shit. Do animation.
    This doesn’t make sense to her, any of it. It’s just, a waste of time!

    When you have to answer to people “Why?”, it’s not so hard to answer I think. It’s just that they don’t care. So whatever you do, it’s not really gonna change anything.
    I think it’s part of the whole live life to the fullest, do stuff, be the best! Be number one! Be someone!
    Time spent, time wasted!
    I bet all this was before our time too. Maybe it wasn’t as super sized as now. Am I rambling?
    I’m just bitter because I’m not living life to the fullest.
    I missed a moment there I think. Oh no! 🙂

  2. OK…I have to add my two cents in here!

    It took me seven years to achieve my goal in doing animation full time. During that time people around me felt I was just wasting my life away…but I knew I had a goal in mind. Now that I have achieved that goal and make more than 3 times the amount of money I used to make, those same people are able to respect my efforts.

    However, I now also realize that the mistake I made was to focus on the income rather than the passion. The amount of money you make means NOTHING if you don’t love what you’re doing!!

    If the argument is based on money…Ya gotta spend the time to learn the skills to make the money. Animation isn’t some get rich quick scam by any means. It’s not easy but there is certainly money to be made in animation!!

    If the argument is about being a waste of time…You can’t be wasting time if you’re doing what you love doing. Only you can be the judge of that. Only you can fill the glass with what’s important to you.

    Maybe she just wants to have more time with you? ~That’s great! Maybe designate more time with her with the understanding that you also want to set aside time to work toward your future. Make it known that your intentions are not just about you….even though YOU are at the core.

    I’ll wrap this up by saying this to everyone: Know that the countless hours we spend on our computers diligently working away on a project or trying to learn a new skill can be seen in a negative way by our significant others, especially if they don’t have a similar interest. Make every effort to create some sort of balance so they don’t feel like you care for the computer more than you do them.

    ~ Sorry for the long comment Justin :O)

  3. Jay says:

    Okay Here’s my comment, “Do or do not there is no try”, when it comes to animation, movies, games, ect…
    Also it takes time to master techniques and it will a long time before you can actually make a name for yourself.

    My Solution, Team up like the no manm’s club from Al Bundi. Get a few guys, make a project plan analyzed the time you will be spending on that project and get it done, “if this is your first project keep it simple!”

    PS: You still need to make money in the mean time figure this one out, get your wife laid (if not your Leia is going to look for a Wookie to take care of that need), and buy her flowers from time to time.


  4. It took me 6 years to become a full time SEO and I get billed out at 150 per hour now. Someday I’ll make a chunk of that change by myself or I get a better salary from the next agency I work for. If I had stayed unloading cement trucks on the night shift with forklifts I’d still be at 12 bucks an hour. And I like SEO a lot better… it gives me a chance to do a lot of things I like with design and HTML and flash. If his wife would rather watch “Wheel of Fortune” rather than read a book she could not possibly understand how someone would want to use education to better their lives and do what they prefer to be doing. Even doing animated banners on the side is good for 50 bucks an hour. Good luck… !!

  5. Billy says:

    Yeah I know a thing or two about people wanting to knock you down. It’s like people have to see you actually making lots of money to believe in you. Then you have to deal with jealousy. I once showed my Dad my portfolio that I had just updated. Of course I was proud of the hard work that I had put in. He stared at my computer monitor that so proudly displayed my hard work. Then said “I have to take a piss.” The cool thing was that I new that I was getting better just by his reaction. Hang in there and keep the faith.

  6. Often its not the destination, its the journey. Taking the time to better yourself by learning something that brings you joy is never time wasted. If he’s doing it to the neglect of his wife or family… that’s between them and their family councilor.

  7. I do the same thing with the folders!!! I think the hardest thing is to start a new project. Once i start i get going, but closing firefox and starting is really hard! :o)

  8. Graphical Jack says:

    Whatever happened to just doing something for the sheer love of it. Yes there’s a huge financial and career aspect to animation, but not everyone will make the big bucks. The exhilaration of finishing even a small project is justification in itself. Do it for the love of it, look upon any material success as a bonus, and it will bring you happiness! No time in search of fulfilment is ever wasted, it’s why we’re here! Peace my friends!

  9. Ever watched the Karate kid? i know, i know i am showing me age, but it all came together for him in the end.
    That’s what learning flash reminds me of. You have to take one step at a time and people will wonder WTF your up to and then WAM!
    I’m with Billy…..my other half and many members of my family were wondering why i was spending hours upon hours on my PC. Me misses was getting so fed up with talking to the back of me head i had to show her what i had been doing for all these weeks, months. She was so impressed that she never batters an eye lid anymore.

    By the way Justin….your a bloody Legend!!!

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