Comcast commercials = Isometric fail

Just had to share this other blog’s post slam regarding Comcast’s new commercials. First time I saw one of them I have to admit I was like “neat, at least they tried to be cool”. Now after seeing them 20 times (and worse hearing them), I wish they had done a lot better.  First, the music is horrible. Second, there’s definitely something that irks me about mixing the live action people in the semi-isometric world. I say “semi” because even their attempt at iso-scenes aren’t right. Yeah, probably the lines and angles abide by their infinite parallels, but they look like watercolor in some places, 3D in others. Stick with a style!  Pixels maybe!!!  If Comcast really wanted to be cool they should have just ripped off Habbo Hotel, then emailed every Comcast subscriber an avatar, and made playing it MANDATORY if they want to keep their internet access!

Real Isometric World!


One thought on “Comcast commercials = Isometric fail

  1. Yea, I agree. I kinda liked them at first, but watched with the sound off. Once I turned the sound on, I felt the need to eat my own head. And the real people/isometric idea is upsetting to me. Upsetting in a obsessive compulsive way. When one of the real people are at a slightly wrong angle, I just want to stick my hand through my monitor, grap them, and twist them so they look right. Unfortunatly, I didn’t lay down the dimensions in my pixel world, and in doing this I have now made a tree look like it’s at the wrong angle. So I twist that. Now the dog looks bad. So I….AAAAHHHGGGG!

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