Artist Profile: Arthur de Pins

This dude has style! Arthur de Pins is easily one of the best character designers I’ve seen in a while. Everybody feels like somebody. And every scene feels like a scene.  If that makes sense.

He’s got an interesting Flash site too. Floaty, would be how I’d describe it. Check out each of the main sections, they all have about the same amount of work, and each has some stellar pieces, but be sure to click on Advertising then click the Animations link. He has some cool character animations in there. Most just look like really well done tests using his same illustration style in Flash. 

Arthur de PinsUPDATE, just discovered he’s got a whole archive of illustrations over yonder with about a billion more pieces.   The fellas might enjoy the “Sexy” section =) 


5 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Arthur de Pins

  1. I live in France and this guy is really talented, i’ve seen his books and his site, and some of the characters he created for animated series here and….. wooooooooowwwww his style is really interesting and funny.

    Just Great

  2. sprfrkr says:

    This is my fav artist so far. Moving from character to character in each scene is so much fun- giving the viewer more insight into what is transpiring. In the movie scene it looks like his characters’ expressions guide your conclusions just enough. Perfect!

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