Videos of Animate Pro!

The super-geniuses over at Toon Boom are releasing Animate Pro soon, and they’ve got some new videos showing off some pretty amazing features. Click the pics below to see each vid….

3D in Toon Boom Animate Pro

This first video definitely makes it look like Animate Pro will be a real 3D program.

Filters in Animate Pro50 Effects in Animate Pro

Next vid, also short, but shows off a cool way of applying/parenting effects to objects. Kinda of reminds me of how Maya. Lip Syncing in Animate ProAnd this almost looks too good to be true. They’ve got a feature for detecting audio phonemes, so you can import your speech audio, and then let the program do all the lip sync for you… yeah, crazy!

Here’s the full features list, with links to more videos.


9 thoughts on “Videos of Animate Pro!

  1. aristides castiglioni says:

    i have a doubt with all this toon boom products and flash maybe you guys know the answer.
    Long time ago i had the opportunity to use toonboom (back when they only have one product, that was toonboom studio more or less six years ago) and i must said it was a very nice package even back then, however i found a problem that i don´t know if it has been corrected in the newer versions. The problem was that for example if you made a tween with a character at toon boom and then you exported that tween sequence to flash the result was that the tween was exported as a frame by frame animation to flash , the whole symbol was a full animation, now the problem i saw with this is that as the sequences made in toon boom where full frame by frame anims the size of the animation in flash increased at an alarmating rate, and if this is how toon boom exports the sequences to flash, don´t you see a little bit of problem with the size of the anims and also with the performance of flash??? i don´t know you guys but i´ve been having some slow problems with flash when you have too many elements in your library, and if we consider that each thing that you make with toonboom ends up being a frame by frame animation symbol i think it could cause some serious problems, specially with the animation final size. What do you think???

  2. Yeah, if it was 6 years ago, I’d be surprised if that hasn’t been addressed. But you bring up an interesting thread here because I don’t really see Animate as a program for publishing to swf anyway. I know it can export to swf, but its primary usage really is for broadcast quality export. Like if you just rendered your Animate file, it wouldn’t create a swf at all, it would render out a sequence of image files like most higher end animation software does. (Or you could export straight to a QT movie file).

    I view the two programs like this for animation…. If I wanted to make a quick 3 or 4 second animated thing on one of my headers or buttons for which is already 99% Flash pages, then I’ll definitely just start and finish in Flash. If I wanted to make a cartoon pilot, like to go pitch Comedy Central that I’ve got the next South Park, then I’d be using Animate.

  3. aristides castiglioni says:

    you are right dude, it´s true that flash is better suited for “small” stuff, and animated looks like a more professional program for animation. But let´s face it, i seriously doubt i´ll be able to create something for comedy central in the next months or probably years. The thing with flash is that you can create animations that virtually anybody in the world can see, it´s not as “reduced” as a cable channel, now the problem is that adobe doesn´t want to give that “animator” thing to flash, or at least it doesn´t look like that. With programs like animated i was hoping to do some good stuff to add to my flash animations, but if i end up with a bigger file then that is a problem don´t you think? i know i want the best of two worlds and sadly that aint gonna happen, but for us guys that are now able to create stuff that can be seen all over the world thanks to flash, i was seriously hoping that if adobe doesn´t give us the power to animate maybe animated could, but if we end with millions of different frames for a sequence that was a tween well, that wouldn´t be too useful… 😦 don´t know just my two cents.

  4. we are really looking forward to animate pro here …
    hopefully there’s a bunch of cartoon-jobs in the pipeline, so the pro-version would really make sense …


  5. Yeah , creating the next South Park is an extremely optimistic (and unrealistic) example. Although for anyone reading this blog its worth finding Trey and Matt’s original pitch for the show. You could create something 100 times more polished in either Flash or Animate.

    And it is great that these days, a cable channel is actually the “reduced” exposure medium compared to the internet. So I wouldn’t sweat the filesize too much in terms of visibility for your cartoon. If you end up with a big file whether its with Flash or Animate, then you might as well convert it to a real movie file like Quicktime, then pop it on YouTube or Vimeo (better for HD, I think). And think of the super viral content you’re usually exposed to… its usually either an image or a video, only sometimes a swf.

  6. aristides castiglioni says:

    well, as i said maybe i could use animate to create small things that are very complex in flash, maybe some nice sequences and then the rest i could keep it in flash…. but you really cheer me up man, i was too worry about size but i guess you are right, size doesn´t really Mather 😀 and even if i made an animation i flash i can always use animate for some small things that need to look more fancy and keep the rest with flash, thank you dude!!! you really cheer me up!!!!!

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