Very cool Cinema 4D animation…

Run to heaven by Rueangrith SuntisukHere’s an animation that the Master Brain at Vimeo email over. I opted into being sent a daily email with 3 videos, and this was one of them. Usually its great stuff, so if you are a Vimeo user I’d recommend letting them send you their daily picks. Whoever the Master Brain is, picks good stuff.  This one is pretty weird, but also pretty cool. I love 3D animation, but I do understand when people gripe about something looking “too 3D”. What I like most about this guy’s piece, is that most of it doesn’t at all look “too 3D” (with the exception of the chrome head). Definitely the beginning feels like it could have been claymation, and parts later on look like toy models.


5 thoughts on “Very cool Cinema 4D animation…

  1. I’ve just finished my first proper video using Cinema 4D. I’ve been using it for about a year and as this is my first 3D program, I’ve definitely learned a lot! Any feedback would be more than welcome!


  2. You’re right, Justin, lots o’ junk with just a few gems. Hadn’t seen subprime until this morn.

    Mike W, Fantastic job! This is one I’ll be pushing my students with. Thanks for providing the High Quality QT download.

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