Best site I’ve seen in a while….

…Here it is: Motorola: Public Safety Solutions but you’ll have to launch it fullscreen and let it take over your mind’s eye!!  Its a small price to pay though for epic quality, because this is one of those rare sites where the fullscreeniness actually pays off…

MotorolaCrash zoom into cityCrash zoom into city

To see this really sweet crash zoom into the city (freeze framed above) be sure to actually click something after the intro. That alone is worth checking out the site, but if you click through some of their “public safety solutions”, those are well done too but they are more Flash than fancy 3D, which the animation above obviously is (repeat: Flash can not do that kind of 3D seen above)

Also if you don’t pay attention during these mini-safety seminars, I’ll go ahead and sum it up for you:  the solution to every serious problem is having a Motorola phone nearby. If you don’t get enough chicken McNuggets and need to call 911, you should use a Nokia or Sprint phone. 

 I’d love to read some comments on how much you all think this site cost. The emailer who showed me the site asked me, and I think this could have cost 6 figs. As in, $1 more than $99,999. 



6 thoughts on “Best site I’ve seen in a while….

  1. Tristan says:

    Notice the designers made good use of the context menu to advertise themselves and give links to their sites.

    If you’re interested in doing this yourself, research the ‘ContextMenuItem’ class.

  2. Aagghh says:

    Nice find, its not Flash but it does show the versitility that Flash offers, mix any 3D program or video program add a couple of cue markers and viola! interactive video

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