Must See Tv (with Must See Stuff in a TV)

This awesome ad for this new Phillips Cinema TV is getting a lot of visibility this week, so I’ll hop on the bandwagon too.  The entire two minute piece is frozen in time with only the camera moving. Yep, Matrix style but even longer and more Matrixy then anything the movies did.  And once you get past the opening credits, the first frame and the last frame are the same, so this is a very nice loop. Someone at Phillips must have been thinking their floor demos at Best Buy.

Particularly Sweet Phillips TV ad

This is definitely one of those rare pieces of visual FX, where I know how 5 or 10 seconds of this would have been done, but as one long seamless movement, its pretty baffling to me.


6 thoughts on “Must See Tv (with Must See Stuff in a TV)

  1. Nice find Justin. That was pretty damn cool. I like the grab screen and scroll back and forth feature and the embedded commentary featurettes.

    Any idea if that stuff is pure JAVA or doable in Flash Player/Swf ?

  2. Wow! SWF downloading as I type. This may sound kinda silly but I like the silhouette breaking up into rectangles in the opening credits… just checked… and of course that’s not in the swf… or any other file I could find. Hmmm… Oh, well. Can always do a screen capture to teach that one to the kids.

    Thanks, Justin!

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