Ivy $12.99, Sky Bus $5.07, Water Flow $8.11…


Does that title read like I’m a berserk hobo rattling off anything that comes to his mind?… Well, close. Those are some of the prices at Cornucopia3D.com where they’ve clearly pinpointed their profit margins down to the penny. For $8.10 they won’t be in-the-black selling 3D water. But for $8.11, its shoe shine time, baby!

Despite the weird pricing, I’m sure this is a very cool site. How can it not be! And what a great business model too. Create something one-time in a computer, then sell in duplicates for no extra cost. I’m jealous, I need something like that. =)

I bring up this site because Brad M. pointed out that the super cool Motor0la site mentioned here a few days ago, probably used a site like Cornucopia to quickly develop the very textured and detailed 3d city in their mini-site. And if thats the case, then more power to them.  I kinda forgot that sites like Cornucopia3D existed, and thats something to keep in mind if you ever get offered a job that seems above your 3d skill level. Of course just having access to already-made 3D objects isn’t a 100% shortcut, since there’s still lighting, animating, rendering, and more to be done. But still, its something to remember.

And speaking of remembering… with the help of Wikipedia, I’m reminded of a book I read in college called The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch. And although I might have come across this Phil Dick book at my own pace, this one was actually required reading by The School of Visual Arts as part of a Science Fiction literature course. Which was an excellent course. I owe some thanks to the nice lady who taught it around 1997-98. But she owes me too, because I was usually the only student that read any of the books and talked in class (your welcome). Anyway, to the point…

Part of the book involved taking a hallucination that made you trip out and live in this mini little world. Actually, Wikipedia can describe it a bit better….

Most colonists entertain themselves using Barbie-like “Perky Pat” dolls and the multitude of accessories manufactured by Earth-based P.P. Layouts. The company also secretly creates Can-D, an illegal but widely available hallucinogen that allows the user to “translate” into Perky Pat (if the user is female) or her boyfriend Walt (if male). This allows colonists to experience an idealized version of life on Earth in a collective unconscious hallucination.

Actually, my explanation was better.  There was this whole collectors market for super detailed tiny items to trip-out with.  Just like dollhouse furniture, there were small microwaves to buy, couches, tables, etc. Obviously the price was to scale too. So the more unique or popular the minituarized-item, the more it cost relative to what everyone else could afford. An itsy bitsy convertible Porsche was still a luxury item since most people could only afford Saturn’s. So if you took this hallucinogen with your girlfriend, and “translated”  into your micro self, and all you had bought for your dollhouse was a couple folding chairs, that was a pretty unimpressive date. You still needed the  fast-car, the tiny restaurant to go to, the micro Lookout Point. Cool guys had entire worlds in their apartments, where they could race from one city to the next to entertain a woman.

Anyway, kudos to Phil Dick for in his own weird way predicting a subculture buying into the super Small, whether that be bits of music data, 3d cars, a new room in Second Life,  or even software tutorials. Its all crushable within your fingertips.

Give that book a read too. It might f*** ya up a little.


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