Eek! Another fish in the piranha tank of e-training!!

Joke title. Its always fun to watch other artists do their thing, and I’m glad to show you all Chad Baldwin’s excellent training site, You’ll notice too, great minds do think alike: he’s a fellow registerer of a domain with “cartoon” in the beginning of it. So check out the site, Chad has a very cool course in digital painting. He teaches it using Coral Painter.  I know most of my readers use Photoshop, but after watching his course I think its safe to say you can definitely apply these same techniques easily to PS.

Also on a personal note, Chad seems to be very great guy to support. He emailed me earlier this week, and hopefully he’ll drop by the blog regularly to post some comments.

Digital Painting -


3 thoughts on “Eek! Another fish in the piranha tank of e-training!!

  1. You’re a class act, Justin.

    Only a few of my students use Painter. I’d love to feature it more in the digital arts curriculum but with the CS4 Master Collection front and center, it’s hard to fit everything in. What a wonderful problem to have!

    Maybe Chad’s courses will help to jump-start a few more “Painters” in the Mac Lab (as your courses have led to quite a few “Flashers”).

  2. Aagghh says:

    Absolutely, Justin seems like a great guy, considering most other e-learning places will quickly delete anything said about another e-learning site whether in comments or the forums, yet here is Justin putting our (his students) education ahead of his own personal profit. While CartoonSmart were my first tutorials I have done just about every other e-learning company under the sun’s tutorials and for many reasons I always find myself wanting to tell people about Cartoon Smart’s tuts. Thats the mark of a good teacher and business , when your customers want to go out of their way to promote your products. Keep up the good work

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