Particularly sweet Illustrator effect (and how to do it)….

Just had to pass this Illustrator tutorial along. You have to know how to read though to follow along with it, (queue sarcastic “tsssk” sound) . The end read though should help you create a great 3D text effect and it  uses one of my favorite features,  the Extrude filter in Illustrator. Which by the way,  would be amazing to see in Flash one day. Maybe if a snack machine breaks down on the Illustrator Department’s floor of the Adobe building, the programmer of this filter will wander down to the Flash Dept. and tell those guys how its done (while mumble-crunching through a bag of Cheeto’s).

3D text in IllustratorAlso for reference, the opening Superman credits are below. Hard to believe these were created when I was 1 year old….

Oh and what else does YouTube have to offer?? How ’bout the 2007 opening credits to Superman Returns! Hard to believe these were created when I was almost 30 (I’m kidding, these were seriously the best part of the movie)….


6 thoughts on “Particularly sweet Illustrator effect (and how to do it)….

  1. Jay says:

    hey Justing i get this wehn trying to see the videos… “embedding disabled by request”

  2. Dang you’re right. Well, I’m off to bed too tired to mess with finding embeddable versions, YouTube has dissappointed me again. Although, if you click one of those movies you can see similar opening titles from the Sup movies. You can also just jump to YouTube site and watch them, which I’ll put links too.

  3. One year old, huh? Ah, that means you must be about the same age as me…

    Although these tut’s truly are awesome, I think that people should give users contextual advice and warnings whilst teaching them. Recently, I wandered onto a personal site from some guy called Derek somethingorother.

    I was very impressed with the opening page. *Peow*! WELCOME TO DEREK’S SITE! *peow whizz!* *Spin spin spin whizz!* YEA! DEREK’S SITE *Peow whizz whizz explosion fireworks!*

    Wow, I thought. I then clicked into the site only to find a disppointing picture of said Derek in some very tight khaki shorts, a faded “wham” t-shirt and a little pot belly poking out with a bit of sunburn on it. The site read something like:

    Welcome to Derek’s somethingorothers site. I like reading, playing computer games and riding my bike. Looking for saucy girl with same interests.

    What a let down. Thanks for that, Derek. I was hoping you’d be the next messiah.

  4. The above post of mine sounds very cynical and a bit of an attack on cool logos/effects. It’s actually an attempt by me at being a bit humourous, and failing miserably. I like *peow* stuff. Sometimes though, I have to fight the Derek in me from using it in completely the wrong context. That’s what I like about your lessons, Justin-you mention relevent uses…

  5. lol. I want to see Derek’s site now. Sounds like the one Homer Simpson made with the dancing Jesus and flying toasters all over the place

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