The Student Returns!!

Tibi from checked in last week with some excellent links to his portfolio site, and some client sites he’s done. Tibi was a student from a couple years back, so I’m hereby taking credit for everything he’s ever done and ever will!!

Seriously check out his work though…

He’s also got some templates for sale through .


3 thoughts on “The Student Returns!!

  1. cyber says:

    Justin, just a question. I was expecting a solution to my flash website bind in the publishing tricks tutorial, but it was not there. I made a website and published it. The size is 766×700, it comes with a relatively heavy preloader because of its animation. Before the preloader , it displays a white box(the swf that is still unloaded) How do I solve this?

  2. This is a question better off in the forum, but thats okay. First even though you’re using a preloader, you should make use of the fact that Flash streams naturally. So frame 1 loads before frame 2 and so on. So on frame 1 have it as empty as possible except for whatever color background you want there. Then on frame 2, introduce your preloading code.

    Also you can set the background color in your embed code too. Just look for the hex values of FFFFF (full white) and change them up.

    Last, if your content is an animation, thats probably something that requires more viewing time than loading time. So in a second of watching the animation, your viewer has probably loaded 2 seconds of the animation. Same thing with movie trailers, you rarely have to wait to load them anymore because they stream in very well on even mid-speed connections. Point is, you probably don’t need a preloader at all. Instead you could probably get away with a 3-10 second opening title / credit that takes care of the buffer.

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