So subtle, but so great….

My buddy just sent this image to me, and it requires passing onward. I love that someone had enough free time to think this through. Note the two weakest vehicles: the red car with the trunk open, and what looks like a three-wheel bike with a tarp over it. Also firetrucks and horsemen don’t rank too high in this scene.  And one group of soldiers is for some reason weaker than another.

Green is good


3 thoughts on “So subtle, but so great….

  1. Command and conquer, baby! That red car has no right or place on that battlefield. I’m hoping that it was allied troops that got it down that far red. Attacking it in defiance to such a stupid strategic decision made by their leaders. Or then again, maybe it was a decoy created to confuse and bewilder the enemy forces. “TAKE THAT YOU FETID PIG! BANG BANG BANG….hold on a sec…’ere….I used to have one of them….back in ’72…brilliant car…you know it actually went for over 500 miles witho…” at which point they are attacked and killed whilst reminiscing about said car. Whatever is going on in that picture I don’t trust it. I don’t trust it one bit.

  2. I’d also like to add that that shifty man at the back at the car with the open boot chose a really, really bad place to sell his cartel of smuggled guns…

  3. I need to know where this pic originated, it is too awesome to go uncredited. I asked the guy who sent it to me. He said it was passed onto him by someone.

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