Andre Barnwell’s “Smoke This” Animation!

Just saw a very cool animation on Vimeo by Andre Barnwell titled Smoke This: Episode 1.  Here’s a few points that I like…

  1. Its about a minute. Short animations should be short!
  2. Great choice of colors and textures throughout the background, and in the foreground I think Andre made a smart color choice using pinks, blues, or purples for skin tones.
  3. Its got a hook! At about 50 seconds (approximately when a short animation is feeling no longer watch-worthy) there’s a nice hook that keeps you interested until the finish.
  4. “Episode 1” implies more episodes!  So just from the title alone I’m interested because I know if I like part 1, there could be more parts.
  5. And finally this point has nothing to do with the animation itself, but Andre mentions in his description that this was done for a rapper, Big Page (the guy in the limo), and I’ll wager a guess that this project was done more for the benefit of mutual exposure vs. wads of cash in Andre’s pocket. Which if thats the case, was smart. I think its a very good idea for an animator to connect up with someone like a musician, comedian or other entertainer.  For example, a relatively unknown rapper in Toronto is now known to me through Andre’s work, and I’m sure the exposure for Andre is just as good. Good entertainers are good promoters, so in promoting himself I’m sure Big Page will be showing a lot of people in Toronto that he’s already got a cartoon he’s starring in.

Smoke This by Andre Barnwell (click to view)Click to watchClick to view


4 thoughts on “Andre Barnwell’s “Smoke This” Animation!

  1. I agree with you. Everything about that was great. I especially liked the exaggarated transformers “transforming” noise. Nice touch…

  2. Matt says:

    That was very very well done. The aniamation is fluid and full of life. Flash and After Effects work extremely well together.
    We need more animators like this.

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