5 Minute Photoshop Lessons (Times 10!)

Short Photoshop Tutorials!

Our Photoshop instructor, Humburto Abreu, did a ton of 5 minute lessons for his  site stormvisions.com, and he’s let me share them on my Vimeo account. Instead of uploading all ten 5 minute files separately, I’ve copied and pasted them into one long movie file. And if you want to download them in a high rez .mov file for safe keeping, click here

If you want to hear more of Burt (not in 5 minute chunklets) he did an incredible CartoonSmart tutorial on Photoshop’s Textures and Brushes.

And speaking of lessons, two NEW ones should be launched later this week!  Flash and CMS: Part 2 and an Intro to Classes.


6 thoughts on “5 Minute Photoshop Lessons (Times 10!)

  1. The download doesn’t seem to work. Could just be my connection, but in safari and firefox, it just sits on a white screen, pondering…

    Justin (or anyone else), do you know how to get a “Fisheye” effect in photoshop? Just asking on the off chance, whilst i’m here.

  2. I can´t wait it (for the lessons)

    I want to know more about classes and the second part CMS – ¿it´s for images or to expand options of CMS text?

    You Rock !!!!


  3. If that download to the entire file doesn’t work, visit it on Vimeo and try clicking the link in the bottom right of the page.

  4. Hi Justin, i saw the video result cartoonsmart.com/flash_cms2.html and its great!!!!!!!!
    but wait discount 🙂

    if I may give you a topic for series tutorial:
    I would like to see: tutorial series to creat a full CMS website form scratch, with design and all as you did http://www.cartoonsmart.com/dynamic_web.html

    i dont know, maybe CMS for gallery section, link section, news section, to creat articles, upload video.

    something more integrated
    it is my humble request

    great tutorials and sorry my grammar.


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