Disney loves that back-lighting…

Just saw the poster for the latest Disney movie. Click the pic below for the full thing…

Princess and the Frog poster

It is by far one of their best posters: great colors, great depth, the framing with the spanish moss is gorgeous, and there’s even a gambling boat back there! Fun. But it made me laugh a little because the only thing I knew about this movie for a long time was that the princess would be the first African American Disney princess ever, and here’s a poster where her skin color is about as ambiguous as possible. I started imagining some awkward meeting with Disney’s marketing people standing behind some poor colorist figuring out the most perfect shade of Vague. BUT as some googling discovered, back-lighting princesses is a tradition for Disney (so yes, I’m in the wrong for even thinking that, and hopefully my Disney timeshare won’t be stripped of any points for this article… PS: 2B1-ASK1)

Take a look…

Disney posters in shadow.


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