’s “Lift One” Project

The good people at have started what they call the “Lift One” project. Basically they are encouraging current sponsors like myself to start their own mini-campaigns to get more sponsors. If you’d like to check out my page, click here and there’s a perma-link on the left column on this blog. You can read some of why I’m a sponsor, and of course there’s plenty of links to sponsor a child of your own. Like I wrote on that page, I’d love to see 100 or more kids get sponsored but if just one person that reads this blog sponsors a child that would rock too. Its $22 a month. I don’t want to say “only $22” because thats either a lot of money to ya, or its not. But in terms of what these children get for that much money, it would blow your mind how far our dollars can stretch to make their lives better. I hear back from the parents of my kids (and sometimes the kids) in regular letters and its obviously humbling.

And please email me if you do decide to sponsor a child. I’d love to know.


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