A 3D Program Made with Actionscript & Papervision!

Eee-youch, my ego hurts after seeing this amazing feat of programming. Gary Stasiuk has created a 3D program and its all within a .swf! Here’s his site’s official description…

VizualPV3D is a Flash Visualization Application that provides a GUI interface to create and manipulate objects in 3D scenes using Papervision3D….

This version of VizualPV3D is a public release alpha with many of the planned features complete or at a stage where they can be used and/or tested by Flash users. Several new and extended features are in the queue for addition to the application in the next few months.

And this fun little experiment is free to download (linked up at the page above). After downloading just open the file VizualPV3D.swf in Flash Player. After loading it’ll feel like a real 3D app. You might not use it for much, or anything, but its worth downloading the 9MB folder just to check it out.



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