Summer poll!

And by “work” I mean, creative projects. Not just whatever you do 9 to 5 usually.


4 thoughts on “Summer poll!

  1. I sell bass lessons online, and also teach through youtube. I’ve noticed a trend over the last couple of years that is probably relevent to all E-commerce…

    Looking at my stats, I sell most of my lessons in the late summer, and in the months leading up to Christmas. October, November and December being my busiest months. January is kinda busy, because people have got their new toys and want to learn.

    But after that is dead time for me. Febuary, March, April and May are dead months. Only for things to slowly start picking up again in June.

    Transpose that idea to design work, and I reckon it’s probably similar statistically? If not, i’ll happily grant myself the title of “the stupid musician” of the blog and go sit in the corner for the duration.

  2. Yeah I need to sit down with some charts and graphs and compare monthly sales. I suspect you’re right though. I definitely see a drop off around this time when school is out and everyone goes bananas with summer freedom. So yeah, I guess if people aren’t buying things to fuel their creativity than they aren’t being creative either. I hadn’t thought of that before but probably true. When I was in college though, the summers between school work were the best because I actually had time to start and finish a big 3 month project. With the poll I’m interested to see if I have some visitors thinking that same way.

  3. Finally I’ll try to learn Animate and do some comic-stuff. 🙂
    I’m looking foreward and I hope no serious freelance-jobs put a stoke in my wheel. 😉


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