Animate Pro test with “true 3D”…

Toon Boom Animate Pro Test: (with shameless self promotion )

Click to Play: Toon Boom Animate Pro Test: (with shameless self promotion )

Alrighty, this animation is my first real testing session with Animate Pro. I installed it a couple weeks ago and as quick as possible turned some jpgs on their sides, rotated on the x, y, & z just to see the promised “true” 3D that Pro boasted…. Well today I managed to find a few hours to myself to really do the program justice, and I’m very pleased how my first test project came out. 

Animate doesn’t have 3D Primitive shapes but faking one like the box in the animation above turned out to be very easy. I already had the art done for these boxes, so I just exported out a few JPGS, imported them into Animate Pro, and had the box assembled in less than 2 minutes. Even though I didn’t really need to do this I parented all symbols for each JPG, into a Peg Layer, and later into a Group for the Network (more on that later) 

The camera move was next. Basically the same setup as in the non-Pro version, except this time with 3D enabled so in the animation above its the camera thats turning (vs. the box art moving around). Only thing I cheated was the shadow, you’ll notice it starts and ends on both sides that the camera is facing. So it skews slightly from start to finish. 

Okay now the REALLY cool part about Pro that I discovered today ( but I know there’s more to be found) was the Network and Module Library. Together these two new windows really make me feel like the software is living up to the name “Pro” First timers to the program might find the Network window a little crazy, but once you get used to it, it is very simple. Or lets put it this way, if you have trouble connecting your DVD player to your TV, you might be confused by the Network. And thats probably a good way of describing this window. It connects together Effects, Cameras, Objects on stage, basically any kind of element you use in the animation and gives you a graphical network (hence the window name) to identify each thing and plug them together by dragging a line from one object to the next . So for example a Glow Effect would be connected to a symbol of a light bulb. PLug them together, the bulb glows. OR say you got your Glow Effect perfect but want to use it for a different object, then just drag a line from the Effect to that other object. Very quick and easy.

Click to embiggen: Network and Module Library are new additions

Click to embiggen: Network and Module Library are new additions

And yes, a free tutorial on everything I learned today, is in the works.

Oh and if you’re curious, there is a Gaming Package now. =)

8 thoughts on “Animate Pro test with “true 3D”…

  1. theepicanime says:

    That’s awesome, I got Tb animate and I can’t afford to make another leap. So I’m gonna stick to what I’ve got for now.. .

  2. Wayne Wilson says:

    Thanks for posting this. Just gorgeous!
    Am looking forward to that tutorial for all us Animate Pro users.

  3. William says:


    When are you going to produce a complete ToonBoom Animate tutorial series?

    I learned how to draw and animate in Flash thanks to your tutorials, so I am hoping you will have a ToonBoom tutorial series in the works.


  4. Yep, its in the works, and I’m still just going to do free tutorials though. This program deserves some free exposure. I’d love to get a lot of my animation students using it and I know the price is steep, but well worth it. Even though what I currently do isn’t at all part of the animation industry production-wise, I’ve been involved in it in the not-so-distant past, and I still grill some of my old peers about what they use, what’s new, what the current production fads are, and not much has changed since I was around. So I think Animate Pro could be a real game-changer for a lot of studios.

  5. William says:

    That’s great news! I have a lot of Flash content, now. So, whether they are freebies or paid tutorials, I hope you show us the best way for transitioning our Flash stuff into ToonBoom.

    You’ve taught me a lot and cut down the learning curve to just a little mole hill for which I am grateful. Keep up the good work!

    Sitting on the edge of my chair in anticipation. 🙂

  6. Allways interessted in the differences between the “little” Animate and the “Pro”-Version.
    The video looks interessting. But you just can do 90°-stuff, or? It’s not usefull for other objects like spheres or triangles etc…

    Very interesstring would be some functions who allow you to do 3D stuff like the starships or other 3D objects like in Futurama. I like this kind of cell shading stuff.
    Is it possible to import 3D-Models in Animate Pro to create such a look?

  7. Yeah I don’t think you can import in 3D data models….yet. If so, I’d have already put that Futurama ship in there =)

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