CartoonSmart’s First Component….

…is not even really our component, but it was built by a former student, Tibi from Romania! You might remember his portfolio that was linked up here the other day. Well he and I got to chatting about his components, and he’s offered to let CartoonSmart sell this one for cheaper than usual. Its $10, and usually goes for much more on component sites.  Its a full featured mp3 player, with a very cool color spectrum visualizer while music is playing.  Plus I’ve recorded a short video included with the flash files, to describe some things about uploading or customizing the player, as well as how to dynamically load it into your current projects.

Here’s that offer, if any of you are interested…

Flash Mp3 Player with Color Spectrum


2 thoughts on “CartoonSmart’s First Component….

  1. Hey, I understand giving suggestions is easy, and making tutorials is very difficult, but I just couldn’t restrain from giving one more.

    There is this new tool I came across, “Flash Catalyst”, you could import Photoshop Artwork in this software and do all the “Flash” thingy animations. Not only PS, but also Illustration, etc.


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