LucasArts: 1 Point , Lucas: Negative 3

I’d like to think this blog is a class above posting links to videogame trailers but damnit, this Old Republic preview is an excellent piece across the board: animation, lighting, staging, even the CG humans look darn good and those are usually the fugliest part of these video game cinema trailers.

Vadar fighting minus his helmet??

Vadar fighting minus his helmet??

One question though (since geekdom has crept into this blog today)… You’d think the Jedi in this video would find a better place to train then say, the exact location 99% of them were slaughtered by Vadar before.


3 thoughts on “LucasArts: 1 Point , Lucas: Negative 3

  1. Adam says:

    Being the big gaming geek that I am, I’ve played the precursors to this – the Knights of the Old Republic games (amazingly awesome btw). It’s the other way around – these games are set about 3000 years or so before the films in the Star Wars universe. They’ve just created a Vadar-like character for the cinematic.

    Looks totally spectacular though.

  2. Say what!?!?! Thats NOT Vadar?! What a rip. Thats what made this really cool.

    Any idea who the chic is in the Boba-Fett-ish outfit?

  3. Adam says:

    Yeah it’s a total rip-off. What makes it worse is that the villain from Knights of the Old Republic looks pretty similar: – so they’ve kind of ripped off something that they’ve already ripped off.

    There does seem to be a curse of Darth Vadar on Star Wars games though, with the exception of Lego Star Wars 2, where all games that feature one of the best villains ever are inexplicably crap.

    Not sure about the female Boba-Fett. She could be a main character in the game, or just a generic one. I know they’re gonna let peeps play as Bounty Hunters in game, with all the cool gadgets etc.. (I’m looking forward to that more that playing as a Jedi).

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