Toon Boom Animate Pro Tutorial: 3D Box Project!

Alrighty, just wrapped up this tutorial on Animate Pro. Definitely highlights some of the “Pro” stuff not available in Animate (Lite, shall we call it?). Highlights include….

  • Exploring the Module Library
  • Using the Network Panel for Effects, Groups, multiple cameras or displays
  • Using true 3D
  • And about a billion other small things I had to show off

And like all my Animate lessons (so far), its FREE!!! I posted a download-able copy of the Quicktime movie file with example projects, right here… CLICK to DOWNLOAD (200mb). Or you can view the streaming version on Vimeo (its in HD so blow it up big) where there’s a link to download the example projects separate. Its a whooping 80 minutes, so drink 1/5 of a Five Hour Energy shot…..

Free Animate Pro tutorial, Click to Watch!

Free Animate Pro tutorial, Click to Watch!

Also in Toon Boom news, I noticed they posted this recently about their upcoming tour events … …So if you’re in Ohio, NY, Illinois, Florida, Colorado, California, Washington or Oregon haul ass over to where they’re at.  Toon Boom is giving away a copy of Animate at each event, plus you can get a discount copy for $399.


8 thoughts on “Toon Boom Animate Pro Tutorial: 3D Box Project!

  1. Wayne Wilson says:

    Seeing this finished animation a few days ago was wild, but seeing how it was actually done is mind-blowing. Thanks for letting us in on your technical knowledge.

  2. William says:


    You are like a sugar-fired, coffee-fed kid in a candy store … Bonkers with a blood sugar count of a million and wild with every toy to play with all at once.

    Earth to Justine: Where are the Animate tutorials for us morons? You are the best Flash teacher on the Internet. And now you are fooling around with Animate. Do a Google search for Animate tutorials and there is nothing but your ravings about how great Animate is. No doubt this “Build a Box and watch it whirl” tutorial was filled full of fun. But how can us morons learn Animate with this sort of complexity?

    Please, Justine, I know 24 hours in a day is plenty of time. So, where are the Animate tutorials? You are a great teacher. But this “Build a box and watch it whirl” tutorial is too complicated. How about some “Let’s start at the beginning and I will guide you through to excellence”-type of tutorials for us morons with credit cards but low IQs like me.

    You did a great job with the Flash tutorials so why are you so slow in producing Animate tutorials? 24 hours in a day is plenty of time. That works out to 24, one hour lessons. So, where are they? 🙂

  3. Hey I’ve got a lot of Animate (non Pro) tutorials already actually. I just post them on the blog here, sorted by category…

    So search back to the earliest articles and you’ll see my progression as well. Since I’m learning it too, I’m just kinda teaching as I absorb new chunks. Someday soon I guess I’ll have to reteach it all in one monster class though =)


  4. mark maja says:

    I just bought Toonboom pro. I´m downloading first lesson (3d-box), we´ll see. I think to learn Flash also, i´m not sure about this all. I have made sell-animation, now I must learn the same as digi. WE´LL SEE! I´m just an illustrator…

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