Moving to Atlanta!

Loyal readers!

I’ll be moving to Atlanta this weekend. Actually, back to Atlanta. It was 13 years since I lived there last. My lucky number.  Comcast now owns my access to the internet universe, so who knows when they’ll have me connected. Wednesday at the earliest, an infinity-times-infinity at the latest. So I shall return soon!

Any regular Atlanta readers out there?  I know one.  (you spotted my parents car in Chamblee sporting those trendy CartoonSmart stickers =)

Just one reason why Atlanta is great.

Just one reason why Atlanta is great.

12 thoughts on “Moving to Atlanta!

  1. Diana says:

    Hey good luck with the move. I may be moving to the Marietta area soon as well from Chicago. Sounds like it’s home for you, how fun is that?

    You should have a mobile satellite modem so that you always have access to the internet with you 🙂 Little pricey but nice to have if you are away from home base a fair amount.

  2. Thanks, that mobile net connection sounds awesome, but once I get settled into this new place I plan on never leaving the house again. Well except to walk to the nearby bar =)

    Marietta is nice by the way. You’ll love Atlanta, its beautiful here! Keep me posted on the move.

  3. SPRFRKR says:

    Good stuff! Be sure to send some pics of the new workstation setup in the new place, always fun! Get some friends for the heavy lifting too.

  4. aagghh says:

    Seriously man, go ahead and do it. You know you want to, its finally time to gather up your courage and move to Florida, c’mon why would you want to live anywhere else?


    The only native Orlando born Floridian you will ever meet

  5. Justin,

    Looks like I will be joining you in the Atlanta area in the next couple of months. My husband just accepted a job with Lockheed in Marietta!

  6. Kevin says:

    Hey Justin!
    Glad to see you coming back to atlanta. I work in midtown designing flex applications. Keep up the great tuts.

  7. Justin.

    Today I am officially changing my residence from Chicago to Atlanta (Sandy Springs). Now I can get back to my animation work. Thanks for the new blog on Animate, I am going to be diving into learning Animate big time. I will be checking out those Tuts.

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