Anyone know what this style is?

So is there like an official genre name for this style of drawing? This kind of scribbly, teenage, drawn-in-the-margins look. Here’s a music video using it…

Anderson Music videoBy the way, the move went well. Still no internet though!


11 thoughts on “Anyone know what this style is?

  1. JP says:

    Seems like a variation or inspired by the Japanese ‘Superflat’ style? Anybody else got an idea?

  2. hehe 😀
    Well, I never heard of the Japanese superflat style 🙂
    uuhm, I can tell you that I am, and was fascinated by creating a 3d world by using only flat objects.
    The drawings that I make, well thats just a way of drawing I eventually ended up with after drawing all my life till now.

    But why do you want to know what style this is?

  3. No major reason, but when talking about art or animation styles I like to come close to using the right terminology. There’s definitely a lot of commercial artists using that sketch style, so I wondering if it had a name yet.

  4. aha, I get the point 🙂
    anyway I kind of like the Japanese superflat style, sounds rather cool. And I love Japan 😛

  5. Great style! People allways searching names. I think you don’t have to “name” it. The look tells its own tale. 🙂

    Cool video!

  6. @ronnie:

    just a question: with what progamms you created this beautifull vid?
    Flash? Animate? After Effects?

    Questions over questions… 😉

  7. @Juergen

    I used adobe after effects.
    The drawings for the animations are handdrawn on paper with pencil, after scanned and layered in photoshop. The sceneries are painted with acrylics, and also scanned in.

    thanks for the interest

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