Deadbeat Blog Owners Make NOTHING!

Have you abandoned your blog?  Some dude at the NY Times says some survey estimates 95% of all blogs become un-updated over 120 days. And some other guy (me) can give you more not-so-shocking info on this un-updatery here…

The real reason I’m posting this link is because if you follow that forum thread down a few replies someone asks the girl who started this topic to show off how much she is making from her blogs, affiliate commission-wise, and she calls his bluff by actually posting some login / password info to do so. I guess whatever affiliate system she uses allows for like non-master access to those numbers. Anyway, this chica has made $33,000 in commissions off of about $120,000 in sales from…. drumroll… those “support the whatever”  rubber wristbands folks wear. How crazy is that! Now its not exactly easy money because she claims to update her blog about 20-30 times a day (far beyond the recommended 4 or 5 times a week). But it is paying off in Google rank, I just searched “silicone wristband”, and her site is #9 . Anyway, just thought I’d share this odd bit of money makery.

P.S. My “real” internet is back tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Deadbeat Blog Owners Make NOTHING!

  1. Is there a limit on size of comments, because I wrote an essay on this yesterday, and ut hasn’t showed up, lol…

  2. No, I don’t think so, I’ve seen some pretty heavy comments. I would have approved it too. Bummer, I would have loved to read it. =(

  3. Yea, I then posted it again, and it said: oops! You’ve already posted that!

    o’ well, I’ll try in a roundabout way…

    I was basically saying that I had been blogging for over a year with my blog in the link above. I have my main site (three years old), my blog, my myspace and my YT channel. I teach bass online…

    Ok, if you type “Bass lessons” into google, i’m there at the top with my main site (at the moment). I’m high with other bass related searches as well. I’m a youtube partner ( and have adsense on all my vids. My videos are very popular, and i’ve literally taught thousands of people. They are recommended by people all over the bass playing world. I also have adsense on my blog, and main site.

    I’m an affiliate, and sell instruments, but also music and other musically related stuff through amazon.

    Like you, Justin I also make my own videos which are longer and better quality. I charge for these.

    So overall, me, as a brand is pretty damn popular on the internet, in my relevent niche. It’s all orginal content, and there is a lot of it.

    But that means nothing.

    I’ve earnt, hardly anything. I can’t say my adsense earnings, because they’ll shut me down, but it’s stupidly small amounts. The affiliate schemes pay so little that it’s hardly worth it. You have to be selling a LOT to get anything back. Lastly, I sell a vid a week. If i’m lucky.

    Now, I’m pretty popular and I earn nothing. What does this mean for the guys and girls who are just starting out? It’s stupidly difficult, and isn’t helped by the net being swamped with people trying to achieve quick commerce. It’s heartbreaking, because I’ve put massive amounts of time into selling my me on the net, and thus far it hasn’t worked out.

    I’ve just had a daughter, and sometimes i feel like jacking it all in, and getting a 9-5 stacking shelves, ya know?

    So, my point is that it’s difficult to make a living online. Sometimes you need luck. You definatly need a lot of work. You HAVE to have staying power. It’s not easy. People think that sitting behind a computer, being self employed is the easy life. It isn’t. You have to be disciplined. You have to have a plan.

    I do feel i need to stick with it. I do feel I need to go at it harder. But it’s hard to gather confidence when you’re doing it alone.

    Anyhow, i think that’s what i said in a roundabout way…

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