Futurama no longer leaking coolant at an alarming rate!

Does this article’s title bring to memory Fry taking a whiz in a crude robot disguise? No? Then you  might not know yet that Futurama is returning for 26 more half-hour episodes! Here’s a lot more links about this announcement, but most encouraging I think is this one line… “The studio cites Futurama’s “blockbuster” performance on DVD and in reruns on Comedy Central as the reason for its rebirth….”.  A few months back I tried to find some info on how well the Futurama  First-to-DVD-then-to-TV movies were doing, and couldn’t, but I had a feeling they were selling really well. I think I bought like 15 copies of the 4 movies since anyone getting a birthday gift from me in the past couple years has gotten a copy of at least one.

Since articles don’t look right without some imagery, I just did a google image search for “Futurama” and would you believe 2 out of the top 3 images were not the usual Matt Groening designs. Here’s a taste of the weirdness (most of which originating from this site)…

Farnsworth's Parabox reopened by fans.

Farnsworth's Parabox reopened by fans.

This article was written in Atlanta. With internet… in my home!


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