Oh no! Another Flash / Flex decompiler…

Well I’m not a big fan of swf decompilers, but I am a fan of this site MacZot.com since they did some promotional stuff for me recently, so I’ll throw them a bone here and pass on info about this decompiler they are selling. The screenshot looks a lot different then any decompiler I’ve seen before. Also if you don’t mind more email,  MacZot definitely has a newsletter worth subscribing to since they get companies to do half-off deals for their site for either 24 or 48 hours.

MacZot promotion for Flash Decompiler

So shall we begin a raging debate in the comment arena about .swf decompilers? Or wait, how about a poll…

I voted “care less”, if you’re curious, although I can definitely see why its worth putting a padlock on your .swfs.  Actually lets throw another bone to SwfProtect here, I’ve been emailing back and forth with the owner of that site for a while,  and he’s a very fun guy. His encryptor should fend off any of these decompilers. I’ve sent him about 10 questions for an interview I’d like to post on the blog, so maybe I should add on one more and see what he has to say about these decompilers that are getting fancier every year.


One thought on “Oh no! Another Flash / Flex decompiler…

  1. Adam says:

    I think when SWF decompilers are used in an invasive or malicious fashion then they’re all bad but I know of quite a few Flash developers that use them to decompile their own files.

    Apparently, you can get a much clearer picture of what the compiler is actually doing when you publish your .SWF files. I’m no expert on this and have never used a decompiler so I can’t go into details I’m afraid but I thought I’d mention what I’d heard.

    http://www.gotoandlearn.com/play?id=70 – Lee Brimlow has done a video on ethical SWF decompiling which will probably explain more that I ever could.

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