WordPressers, check out that SocialVibe widget…

This is one of the coolest things WordPress has added to their Widget section in a while. Read about it here… http://en.blog.wordpress.com/2009/06/15/socialvibe/ …or scroll down a tad, and on the left column you can see the widget in action. Basically Showtime donates to charity, in exchange for stealing your eyes away from my blog for a few moments. How hard is that!


6 thoughts on “WordPressers, check out that SocialVibe widget…

  1. I thought “cool” too until I noticed the Weeds tagline at the bottom — THE HEMPTRESS RETURNS. Then, after clicking the SWITCH button, you get Nurse Jackie’s — LIFE IS FULL OF LITTLE PRICKS.

    Ah, I can just visualize the parents’ reaction (I’m a high school teacher).

    I’ll stick with http://maclab.guhsd.net/blog/?p=403 for now but I applaud Justin’s commitment to helping others. He’s a man who walks the walk. Plus, I figure he’s found this Nirvana as well: http://maclab.guhsd.net/blog/?p=5044

  2. hehheh, Yeah there’s a few options though for who the sponsor is. I can’t remember which, but I picked Showtime because I watch enough of it. Ever see Brotherhood? Awesome show.

  3. Y’know, if I’d’a just clicked the link…

    Now I just have to figure out what I’ve done wrong ’cause the sponsor/charity setup I’ve chosen doesn’t seem to have an easy way for people to click to give. Looks like they have to sign up for their own account, which isn’t a bad thing, but…

  4. Oh, jeez! That’s what I get for getting up in the middle of the night. Please ignore the clueless bloke talking to himself.

    Installing plugin…

    (Thanks for the tip, Justin. It is cool!)

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