Pixar’s “Up” done entirely in the opposite of 3D

Take a look at Lou Romano’s color script for the movie Up. Although if you’re 4 weeks too late in seeing this apparently awesome movie ( like I am)  a lot of the panels could be considered spoilers. Just don’t scroll too far down, ( like I did ).  What’s amazing is that these were done in January-March 2008, not too much more than a year ago. I seem to remember some special-feature documentaries about the early Pixar movies mentioning that it would take them years to go from these early storyboard stages to finished film.

Also crazy, these images look fantastic small. But click on some of them on Lou’s blog, and at full size they look like they could have been finger-painted on an iPhone. By my Mom. Granted, these were done for color reference, not for detail, but still it makes little ol’ artists like myself feel like “OH (double-expletive) I could do that!”

Up Color Script


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