One of those infinite illustrations!

Most of you have probably seen an infinite illustration already, its usually about 10 to 20 psychedelic drawings with a central focus that the leads into the next drawing. So when one pic is zoomed into the extreme it leads into the next pic to zoom through, to create an infinite loop. But this Scifi microsite for Tinman is the first time I’ve seen this trickery as the framework for a website design/ navigational interface. Zooming controls and info are in the top left, and notice too they spiced things up a bit with some simple animation throughout, like snow, the windmill turning, etc. Take a look, its impressive!…

infinite illustration


2 thoughts on “One of those infinite illustrations!

  1. Wayne Wilson says:

    You read about people going through “The Tunnel” in near-death experiences…
    it must be something like this. Wow.

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