The Battlestar Galactica (Orchestra) Web Design Contest!

Before getting into details here, lemme just post a picture of Homer calling some nerd out for what he is, a nerd….



And that nerd is me for revealing the following…

  • I’m a huge Battlestar Galactica fan.
  • I’m also a huge Bear McCreary fan (the show’s composer) which means I have to fess up to listening to easily 100 hours of The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra.
  • And worst of all, I didn’t find out about this contest from Bear’s website directly, but through probably THE biggest geek site on the net.

Still here after that confession? Okay, Bear McCreary has posted on his blog this…

I think its time my band, The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra, gets its own website.  Over the past few years, I’ve received frequent and generous offers from BSG fans around the world, volunteering to pitch in with web design services.  Now the time is right and I need YOUR help.  I’m challenging you loyal fans to a web design contest.

And a contest of course means all-work, no-pay. But you do get plenty of prizes in return, just none with dead presidents. Here’s the full details. The deadline is soon though!

No, not this Battlestar Galactica, the cool one.

No, not this Battlestar Galactica, the cool one.


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