Is you a webcomic author?

If so, that title might read correctly to you’s. Also you might be interested in reading fellow blogger, Rob Howard’s latest article on webcomics. He also lays out a masterful plan to dominate the search engines with links to any webcomic artists that post followup comments in his article.

And if anyone is still checking the “humor” section of the newspaper for good comics, you might want to follow a web comic artist instead. 99.9% of them could use a new follower (and a hug, but thats if you dare approach one). Your typical webcomic artist makes zero dollars from their work, and probably eats off the floor most nights. Even if they are using tin foil wrapping as a kind of plate, its still floor-eating. They care more about getting duck sauce on their drawings, than themselves. More than likely their clothes already have some kind of food spillage on them anyway. So here’s one tireless, undoubtably filthy webcomic artist I check in with regularly…

neville and the devil


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